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How You Can Benefit from Control4 Smart Home Automation


Simplify the technology in your home while relaxing in total comfort

Home automation is a trendy topic these days, but how much do you really know about what a smart home can do? Are you familiar with how the systems work and what they have to offer?

Don’t panic if your answer to any of these questions is “no.” That’s what we’re here for. A Control4 home control system takes the hassle out of home automation by combining everything under one umbrella with easy but powerful controls. Today’s blog will show how a Control4 dealer can help Pompano Beach residents enjoy a more relaxed and comfortable lifestyle.

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Adjusting your window shades is a simple enough task, but there’s no reason not to make it as easy as possible. With motorized shades and a Control4 system, all your shades can be controlled remotely from your phone or a touchpad, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. If you want even more convenience and efficiency, you can use a Control4 system to have your shades adjust themselves automatically. This feature will help you maintain the correct temperature in your home while protecting your furnishings from sun damage.


Integrating smart lighting fixtures with a Control4 system gives you much greater control over the lighting in your home, along with simpler controls and increased efficiency. Smart lighting control gives you centralized control across every room. If you’re looking to improve your energy efficiency, you can integrate your shades with your lights to control when lights are on or off. Smart lighting systems use dimmers instead of basic on/off switches, which lowers your carbon footprint by reducing how much energy your fixtures use. A Control4 system with smart lighting lets you create much more varied and distinctive lighting designs by letting you control the intensity and color temperature of any given fixture.


Enjoying music in the background of everyday chores and special occasions is more fun, no matter what’s happening in your home. You can listen to your favorite music in more places around your home with a whole-home audio system integrated with Control4. Your music can seamlessly follow you around the house, and you can stream different audio sources to specific rooms to keep all family members happy.


With Control4 integrated smart locks, you’ll never find yourself thinking, “Did I lock the front door?” on your way to work again. You can use your phone to view the status of any door and remotely lock it. And once you’re home from work, your locks will detect your phone and unlock automatically when you reach the door.

The remote access capabilities of smart locks are also handy for package deliveries or similar situations. Once the delivery is complete, you can lock the door remotely and be confident your home is secure.


Make your next family dinner night or pool party more enjoyable with outdoor audio and video. Outdoor A/V systems take many forms, ranging from a handful of speakers connected to your existing audio installation to speakers and subwoofers placed throughout your yard.

If you’re concerned about your TV or speakers being damaged by weather, you need not worry. Our components are designed to withstand the worst weather, and outdoor TV screens are extra bright to minimize glare even on the brightest days.


Ready to enjoy a more easygoing and restful lifestyle at home? Call us today at (954) 650-3074 to get started on your smart home upgrade. You can also schedule an appointment here or chat with a customer service representative in the message box in your browser.

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