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Traveling? Control4 Automation Lets You Keep an Eye on Home

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Give Yourself Peace of Mind from Anywhere in the World 

It’s understandable to worry about your house while you’re traveling. After all, if you aren’t there, you won’t know if anything goes wrong. What if the pet sitter accidentally leaves the door unlocked? What if a burglar comes at night? And will it look obvious that you’re gone if the house is dark and empty all week?

If you experience thoughts like these while you’re away from home, it’s time to put an end to it! Vacationing should be a time to unwind and explore without worries. Luckily, if you own a Control4 automation system, there’s no need to fret about your Hypoluxo, Florida home’s security. 

Here’s how a Control4 smart home system can give you peace of mind, no matter how far away you travel. 

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Receive Alerts for Door Locks 

If you’re expecting a pet sitter, landscaper, or another service provider to visit your house when you’re away, a Control4 smart system keeps you in-the-know. You’ll receive an alert when a front gate or door is opened and can check if it’s properly locked after the visit. If any doors are left unlocked, you can remotely lock them with a tap of a button—even if you’re halfway around the world! 

Check Surveillance Footage Anytime 

If the Control4 system dings your phone and tells you there’s activity in the driveway, you can instantly pull up footage from your surveillance cameras. Is it the mail carrier dropping off a package? You can speak to them through your two-way intercom system, unlock the door to let them into the foyer, then lock it again—all from the same Control4 app! 

Remotely Toggle Lights & Shades 

Traveling homeowners often worry that their dark, empty houses will look like targets for burglars. Even if you feel safe in your neighborhood, you never know who could be passing through. Luckily, Control4 can take that anxiety off your shoulders with its remote lighting control features. 

With your indoor and outdoor lights synced to the Control4 smart home, you can schedule lights to turn on and off throughout the day and night, so it always looks like someone is home. You can even automate motorized window shades to rise and lower, stopping halfway through the window for a realistic appearance. If anyone’s staking out the neighborhood, they won’t target your house. And you’ll see surveillance footage better with activated landscape lights.

Get the Status of Electronics 

Control4 provides an overview of all your connected home devices with icons that update in real-time. So if a fan is on in the living room, the icon will show it’s powered on. And with a tap, you can remotely turn the fan off. 

The ability to remotely power devices on and off is one of Control4’s most valuable features. We can think of countless ways it will come in handy while you’re traveling. Don’t want to return to a dirty pool? Turn on the filter with a press of a button! Are your older children staying at the house? Make sure they turn off the AC when not in use! Did someone forget and leave the landscape lights on during the day? Turn them off instantly. 

Control4 automation makes managing your home a simpler experience, whether you’re there in the house or across the world. Interested in learning more? Contact First Priority Audio, South Florida’s dedicated Control4 dealer. 

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