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You’re Always Connected with Control4’s Home Intercom Systems

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Discover One of Control4’s Best Features: Intercom Anywhere

Home intercoms aren’t a new or revolutionary concept. In fact, the first residential intercoms were developed in the 1890s and became very popular during the 1960s and ‘70s. For decades, homeowners with large properties have used intercoms to communicate with visitors at the front entrance or with their family rooms away. 

Intercom systems are still as useful as ever, but Control4 smart systems are bringing the experience into the modern era. Now, your home intercom can be accessed even if you’re miles away, so you’re always in touch with those at home. And through the Control4 home system, you can use the intercom in tandem with other home devices.

Whether you’re new to Control4 or already own a C4 system, here’s how its “Intercom Anywhere” technology works and will benefit your Parkland, FL, home. 

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Communicate from Home or Away

With Control4, intercom communication isn’t limited to a button next to a wall speaker. You also enjoy two-way communication through the Control4 app on touch panels, smartphones, and tablets. With a press of a button, dial into any room and instantly connect via video feed. 

There are countless scenarios that Control4’s Intercom Anywhere comes in handy. Left the kids home alone? Check on them around dinnertime to make sure everything’s going well. Have guests visiting, and you’re by the pool? Great them via intercom and open the gate for them—all from your phone. And if you own more than one home, Intercom Anywhere makes it simple to stay connected to everyone across properties. No one has to answer the phone—it's an instant connection. 

Ultimate Video Doorbell

Control4’s intercom system can be used as a video doorbell, offering crisp, clear video and audio. Unlike other video doorbell devices, the Control4 app lets you unlock doors, disarm alarms, and turn on lights. Custom buttons within the app like “Delivery” instantly disarm alarms, turn on entrance lights, and unlock doors. Once you see your package is safely delivered indoors, one tap secures the house again. 

Creating Custom Doorbells

Contro4’s intercom features also let you play doorbell sounds across the house through speakers and Control4-connected screens. You can even personalize rings depending on where they were activated. For example, the front door’s bell can have a unique sound compared to the gate or side entrance. You’ll know intuitively where to go based on the sound you hear.

Whole-Home Audio & Video

If you’re playing music over whole-home speakers and someone’s at the door, music will pause to play a doorbell tone. Then pull up video intercom footage on the TV screen and communicate with whoever’s at the door. Hosting a party? Tap the intercom button on your phone, and call everyone to the backyard for birthday cake. Your voice will play over the house speaker system, so no one misses the memo! 

Intercom Anywhere is just one of the incredible features available in a Control4 smart home. Curious to learn more? Contact First Priority Audio, South Florida’s destination for Control4 automation and smart technology.


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