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The Power of the Cloud: Verkada Home Security Systems

A Verkada home security camera on the eaves of a house.

Smart Cameras for Stronger Security 

As a leading home technology integrator based in the Fort Lauderdale, FL, area, First Priority Audio is always on the lookout for the most reliable, efficient, and innovative security solutions to enhance our client’s safety. One brand that consistently meets our high standards is Verkada, a pioneer in home security systems.

What sets Verkada apart from older and more traditional security systems is its advanced cloud-based platform. This state-of-the-art approach eliminates the need for bulky recording devices and hard drives that you need to configure routinely. Instead, all video footage from your Verkada cameras is stored securely in the cloud. 

How does a cloud-based home security system work? Find out below! 

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How Much Video Storage Will I Have? 

One common question we hear from homeowners is, "How much video footage can I have?" The answer depends on the number of incidents captured on your cameras. Deciding to record continuously for 24 hours will quickly fill your system's storage space. But if your cameras are triggered by motion sensors, it will entirely depend on how many incidents occur—whether a palm tree blows in the wind or a pedestrian strolls by.  

And if it is just a palm tree swaying in the breeze? The latest Verkada cameras use video analytic technology to filter out inconsequential movements, only notifying you about important or unusual activity. If your cameras are triggered, you can quickly retrieve footage on the system’s app and even search for people or vehicles.  

How Does the Cloud Plan Work? 

A unique aspect of Verkada systems is the ability to purchase the camera and its corresponding storage license separately. The license can be bought for varying durations, and you can choose the amount of footage each camera should store—30, 60, or 90 days. Verkada guarantees that you will always have the necessary footage for each camera, eliminating concerns about storage space running out during extended absences, like a two-week vacation.

What if I Can’t Monitor My Cameras? 

You have a busy life, so you probably don’t have time to evaluate your cameras every time the system is triggered—especially if you’re working or traveling. Thankfully, you can purchase video monitoring services through Verkada to ensure nothing is missed. 

With video monitoring, a dedicated third-party monitor keeps a watchful eye on your security feed, evaluating potential threats. In case of an emergency, this professional is authorized to call the police on your behalf, adding an extra layer of response and reassurance. 

How Do I Get Started? 

With Verkada, you’re not just purchasing a security camera. You’re investing in a comprehensive security solution that provides peace of mind, convenience, and efficient, proactive protection.  

If you’re ready to upgrade your home’s security solutions in South Florida, First Priority Audio is here to help. We’re a certified Verkada camera dealer and installer. Contact us here to discuss your home’s project today. We look forward to working with you! 

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