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Here’s What A Fully Automated Smart Home Can Do


When Devices Are Connected to A Smart Controller, the Magic Begins  

Nowadays, many American households own one or two smart devices, whether it’s a voice-activated speaker in the kitchen or video doorbell on the front steps. Internet-connected devices may make our houses feel like a ‘smart home,’ but a fully automated house can do much more than a few IoT devices. 

With a smart system like Control4, all of your technology is easy to access and control from one location. But what does that look like in daily life? As a smart home installer in Fort Lauderdale, FL, we’ll share the many ways Control4 will elevate your lifestyle.

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Smart Devices Without Control4

If you’re using a smart speaker, video doorbell, smart thermostat, or another gadget without a centralized controller, it can only go so far. With a voice-assistant speaker, for example, you’re limited to choosing songs, and your smart TV remote can only control the TV. But with Control4, you can use voice commands to adjust the lights, thermostats, and security devices.

Without a smart system, you’ll use separate apps or remotes for every device. That may not seem like a big deal, but it can become tedious, swiping and closing out different applications for every little command. Wouldn’t it be nice if all of your technology was collected under one app?

What an Integrated Home Can Do 

A smart home installer can sync everything from lights to shades to surveillance cameras into one control system. Control4 “plays nicely with others,” meaning it’s compatible with 14,000 third-party devices! These brands include Sonos, Lutron, Sony, Apple, and more. So, if you already own high-end speakers, motorized shades, a smart TV, etc., they can still connect through Control4.

Now for the fun part. Control4 allows you to sync devices and create custom scenes to relive over and over. Maybe “Nighttime” will shift your tunable lights to a soft, warm glow and lower motorized shades. Tap “Workout” in your home gym for the temperature to lower, lights to brighten, and an energized playlist to start playing.

Control4’s When>>Then feature allows technology to react to each other like dominos. For instance, when you unlock the front door, first-floor lights can turn on automatically. As you head out for the day, you can turn off every light, lower shades, lock doors and the garage in one command. 

Technology Suited to Your Style

Control4 allows users to customize the atmosphere, accessibility, and security of their homes through its intuitive OS 3 interface. While there are so many elements to smart technology—entertainment, temperature control, lighting, security—you can always start small and build upon your system later.

Would you like to enhance your Florida home with Control4? Contact First Priority Audio, a smart home installer with 19 years of experience. We look forward to speaking with you!


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