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Perfectly Blend Outdoor Entertainment Into Your Landscaping Design


Learn How to Arrange Outdoor TVs and Speakers 

What’s better than an evening of season finales or listening to your favorite tunes? An evening with entertainment outside! Whether you’re taking a dip in the pool, firing up the grill, or toasting marshmallows, you can do it all in the company of weatherproof audio and video like Séura TVs and outdoor speakers by Coastal Source and Origin Acoustics.

From the garden to the patio, porch, or pool house, it’s essential to factor in how technology will fit into your yard’s design. For outdoor entertainment that looks and functions at its best, consider the following design elements for your Lighthouse Point, FL yard.

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Audio on Exterior Walls

Hidden audio lets you bring summer playlists to outdoor areas without a clutter of technology. If you have seating or maybe a fire pit by the house, Origin Acoustics’ Seasons Outdoors Series is aesthetically refined and can be mounted against your house’s exterior on the eaves, high above your sightline. Our careful installations will ensure not a wire is in sight. Plus, the speakers can withstand any rain and heat, so you can keep them outside all year. 

Outdoor TV & Surround Sound

Don’t miss out on a beautiful day or night to watch Netflix outside! Weatherproof Ultra-HD screens by Séura are manufactured to look bright with crystal-clear imagery, even in the sun. You can mount the display against your house for a patio, deck, or porch setting. Or if you’re watching further out in the yard, a metal post or built-in concrete column would allow us to securely mount this TV anywhere.

And just because you’re outdoors, that doesn’t mean you’ll have lackluster, quiet audio. You can amplify low bass notes for powerful music moments and action scenes with a burial subwoofer. The large driver is partially buried below ground and will have the yard pulsing alongside your outdoor speakers. To evenly distribute sound, we’ll need to arrange speakers close enough to create a balanced soundscape.

Landscaping with Audio

If you take pride in your backyard’s landscaping, it makes sense to worry about how speakers will fit in amongst the flowerbeds. Acoustic landscape models by Origin Acoustics or Coastal Source will tastefully slip in among your plants and rocks, like the small satellite speakers that resemble tiny spotlights. 

Use these small speakers to line pathways or poke out from under plants, or implement high-end rock speakers that resemble, yes, lifelike rocks. Larger Bollard speakers offer flexible installations for in-ground or above-ground arrangements, so you can creatively arrange these sleek devices.


Are you ready to enhance your backyard with lively music and movies? Contact First Priority Audio to discuss an outdoor entertainment system for your Lighthouse Point home. Submit our online form or call us at (954) 650-3074. 


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