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3 Lesser-Known Benefits of Smart Blinds


They’re Not Just About Luxury. Discover Motorized Shades’ Practical and Resourceful Uses  

Have you witnessed smart blinds in action? From one tap on your smart system’s app—or through a voice assistant like Alexa—your house’s shades raise and lower in unison. Smart shades by Lutron seamlessly glide into your home’s interior décor, making your lifestyle both more elegant and convenient. But smart blinds offer so much more than style and aren’t just a luxurious accessory.

So, what kind of benefits do they provide? Read on to learn how smart blinds will enhance everyday life in your Pompano Beach, FL-area home.


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Save More Energy

Running the AC all summer long does a number on our utility bills, not to mention the environment. It takes heaps of power to keep a house cool all day and night. What if you could reduce your energy consumption this summer, even a little bit?

Smart blinds connected to a sun sensor will operate according to the amount of sunlight and temperature in the room. As light hits your window, blinds will instantly lower, keeping harsh rays out and cool shadows inside. You may still need a little air conditioning, but you won’t need to turn it on quite as high. When you’re out all day at work or the beach, your house will remain cool.  


Protect Furniture, Artwork & Photos

A painting passed down in the family for years. Framed photographs from childhood on the wall. A beloved fabric ottoman you bought for your first house. Some of the things that we decorate our homes with are irreplaceable and meaningful, and it would be a shame to see pictures, artwork, and fabrics fade in the sun. Have you ever seen a faded, old photograph? Those lifelike colors will never come back.

That’s where smart blinds come in handy. Through the same heat sensors, your screens automatically descend when UV light beams into the room. Once the sun passes over the house, shades will rise again. Your belongings will stay as preserved as if they were in a museum, and you won’t have to replace anything.


Increase Security & Privacy

Smart blinds can do more than prevent a passerby from peeping into your windows. Your smart blinds can operate automatically throughout the day while you’re out, making it appear that someone is home, even if you’re across the country. By syncing your blinds with smart lighting, lights can flicker on and off, too, to always make it look like someone’s home.

Plus, with one-touch controls, you can achieve privacy faster and more conveniently. For instance, in the bathroom, you’ll lower shades in one tap then let natural light back in once you’re ready. Schedule bedroom shades to drop after dark, so you’ll always have privacy right when you need it.


Could your Pompano Beach, FL, home benefit from motorized smart blinds? Contact us here to discuss your home and how smart technology can enhance it.

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