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Control4 Updates: Its Smart Lighting for 2023

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Get Creative with Control4’s New Smart Lighting Features  

Control4 is already at the top of its game in home automation. But still, the smart home brand is consistently evolving and improving its technology. And just in time for the new year, Control4 systems has announced exciting new smart lighting features that will transform the ways we illuminate our homes. 

If you already have a Control4 system at your home in Parkland or South Florida, or if you’re considering becoming a Control4 household, discover all that’s new with C4 lighting below. 

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Built-In Color Control in OS 3.3.0 

Control4 has unveiled its new operating system, OS 3.3.0. And inside the new interface, users can now enjoy a native color wheel that’s never before been built into a Control4 system. 

In previous versions of Control4 OS, lighting control colors could only be selected through red, green, and blue sliders. Now with OS 3.3.0, sliders are replaced by an X, Y color selector wheel. By sliding your finger on the touchscreen, you can explore different colors and find the lighting mood you’re looking for in the moment. 

Lighting Expands to the Halo Remote 

Sometimes grabbing a remote feels like the most intuitive way to control your smart home. But previously, Control4’s Neeo remote didn’t offer lighting control features. 

This changes with the new Halo remote line, which includes lighting controls. Now you can adjust your lights’ brightness and color from the same remote you use to choose a movie, raise the volume, and kick off movie night.  

Control4 Goes ‘Beyond the Bulb’ 

Control4 lighting control isn’t limited to LED light bulbs. Control4’s recent partnership with Snap One has resulted in Vibrant Linear Lighting, a new line of linear lighting strips in a full selection of white, tunable white, and tunable color options. 

Linear lighting is an eye-catching and modern way to accentuate any home interior, and now homeowners can adjust linears to the perfect mood right from the Control4 app or wall keypad. Just like you’d intelligently control LED bulbs, you can customize your linear lights and save lighting settings to activate again and again.  

Curious to Learn More? 

Ready to upgrade your home’s lighting experience? With Control4, you can create cozy evenings and vibrant parties with a tap of a button, fine-tuning your lights’ color and brightness.  

To learn more about Control4 smart homes and how to get started, contact First Priority Audio here. And to see Control4 in action, visit our South Florida showroom and try out the technology! 

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