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Why You Need Motorized Blinds For Your Coral Springs Home


Learn the benefits of motorized shades and home automation

Motorized shades give you complete control of your home’s blinds, but that is not the only reason that you should invest in them. Motorized blinds offer a variety of benefits for every type of homeowner. Learn why you need motorized blinds in your Coral Springs home today!


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Did you know motorized blinds can make your home safer? Cords pose a danger to pets and children who might become tangled in them. In the worst-case scenario, they could even pose a choking hazard. Motorized shades do not need a cord, so you don’t have to worry about your children or pets getting tangled. They also help out in the case of a fire; when paired with smoke detectors, they can automatically open when there is a fire so firefighters can easily see into your home.



An obvious benefit to motorized shades is that they are convenient. With just the press of a button, you can open or close every single shade in your home without having to deal with obnoxious cords. You can even schedule them to open and close at certain times throughout the day so you won’t have to think about them.

Protect Your Furniture

Constant direct sunlight can damage your furniture, causing fading or discoloration. Motorized shades can close throughout the day to protect the fabric. They can monitor sunlight through sensors so that when sunlight is the brightest, they are closed.


Save Energy

When the sun streams through your window on a sunny day, it heats the inside of your house. Your air conditioner then turns on to try to keep your home fresh, wasting energy and therefore wasting your money. Sunlight sensors will let your motorized shades close when the sun is brightest, so your air conditioner unit will run less often.


Smart Home Integration

Motorized shades can also be integrated with other smart home devices to make your home completely automated. Thermostats can let your shades know when the house is getting too hot and will close automatically when you lock the door, or even close when you turn on the television for movie night; no one likes glare!


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