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Why Professional Voice Control Is the Best Choice for Your Home


How Professional Systems Like Outperform Off the Shelf Products in Ft. Lauderdale

In a world where Alexa and Google Home are easily accessible to the average consumer, you might wonder why you would want to invest in a professional voice control like, however, is not just a voice control system. It does so much more than off the shelf products, making “child’s play." Learn why you need in your next high-end home project.

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It is Easier to Use does not require a wake word such as "Hey Alexa" to register your command. It is smart enough to know when you are talking to it. The creators believe that instead of users training to use their machines, machines should be trained to work with their users. is not a one-room solution. It is designed for those with multiple rooms that require automation, usually people with large homes.

It is Smarter is also much smarter than any off the shelf voice control system. You can easily give multiple commands in one string, such as “Turn off the lights on the bottom floor, turn on NCIS on the bedroom TV, and dim the bedroom lights to 75%”. This is essentially creating a scene on the fly. is smart enough to know the layout of your home and what devices are in what rooms and floors. It knows what device you are referring to with each command. For example, ‘turn on’ could lead to any number of devices, but it can intuit the one you are talking about. It can figure out that by NCIS, you mean a show and find out which streaming platform it needs to connect to. You can also make a request such as "Play classical music," and will know that you mean a genre of music and will connect to a music streaming platform. Finally, can deliver your commands with precision. It knows the difference between off and dim and can dim the lights to an exact percentage. There is an unlimited number of scenes and customization options with


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