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Sound System Spotlight: B&O’s Beolab 8 Speaker

The Beolab 8 speaker by Bang & Olufsen

The All-in-One Stereo, Surround Sound & Standalone Speaker  

Bang & Olufsen have long been connoisseurs of stereo, standalone, and surround sound speakers. But in their latest speaker, the Beolab 8, B&O dares to merge all three applications into one.  

Released in October 2023, the Beolab 8 is a three-in-one speaker that can be used in home theaters, stereo setups, or standalone listening environments. The Beolab 8 may be mounted on the wall or can stand proudly on the floor or bookshelf. The 11 by 6.5-inch speaker weighs nine pounds and is available in various colors and finishes, making it incredibly versatile for any area of the home. 

Here’s what makes the Beolab 8 a unique addition to your B&O sound system in Fort Lauderdale, FL. 

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3 Ways to Use Beolab 8 


At its simplest, the Beolab 8 can be played on its own or as part of a whole-home audio system. Its hard-hitting bass and crystal-clear vocals deliver rich audio details, and the speaker can be wirelessly configured through the Bang & Olufsen app. 

The Beolab connects to your speaker system over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and can stream from any platform you prefer. Want to connect it to the TV or older speakers? The Powerlink or Wireless Powerlink connections make it easy. 

Surround Sound 

Complete your home theater setup with Beolab 8 as your rear surround speakers. The three-driver system delivers intense bass with all the detail and depth required for a home cinema experience. Plus, B&O offers a range of elegant speaker stands to match your theater’s aesthetic. Alternatively, you can mount the Beolab 8 to the wall or ceiling.


One for the left, one for the right, and you’ve got a complete stereo system with Beolab 8s. Both speakers work in tandem to fill the room with sound, and an internal microphone will analyze the room to adapt and fine-tune playback for optimal acoustics. 

Looks as Good as It Sounds 

Not only does the Beolab 8 sound incredible, but it also seamlessly blends futuristic design with organic elegance. Its visual appeal is enhanced by a customizable cover, allowing you to choose between oak, dark oak, or a sophisticated gray mélange. The aluminum body, available in gold or black, adds a touch of modern luxury. 

When perched on its floor stand, the Beolab 8 takes on the captivating semblance of a '40s-era microphone, adding a nostalgic yet timeless touch to any space. Adding to its allure is the flexibility to adjust the speaker's angle by approximately 15 degrees, ensuring optimal sound dispersion. The striking curved shape, combined with the warmth of wood, transforms the Beolab 8 into a piece of art that complements any interior.  

Adjustable Audio 

B&O’s advanced speaker technology also ensures you’re getting the best sound out of your investment. The Beolab 8 maps the environment through a microphone to adapt the sound to the room’s acoustics. Its ultra-wideband technology directs audio to wherever you are, depending on your phone’s location. And the speaker’s wide beam control allows you to either narrow audio directly to you, or play wide and diffused across the room. Wondering which mode is on? The LED display will tell you!  

Experience B&O for Yourself at First Priority Audio 

Hear the magic of the Beolab 8 at First Priority Audio in South Florida. Contact us here to learn more about our surround sound and whole-home audio installations! 

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