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Just In: Limited Edition Ferrari & Bang and Olufsen Speakers

The Ferrari Collection of red Bang and Olufsen speakers.

Red Hot Audio by Two Iconic European Brands 

Just like a Ferrari turns heads on the road, these B&O speakers are meant for the spotlight. 

Bang and Olufsen, the Danish high-end audio manufacturer, has launched a collection of Ferrari-red loudspeakers in partnership with the iconic Italian car manufacturer. Focal may have Bentley and Klipsch partnered with McLaren, but Bang and Olufsen speakers are now official partners with Ferrari. And the partnership goes both ways—the B&O logo will be featured on Scuderia Ferrari cars for the 2023 racing season.  

The Ferrari Collection reimagines four of B&O’s audio products in bright red with the unmistakable Ferrari logo. Of the collaboration, Bang and Olufsen’s CEO Kristian Teär shared, “The combination of best-in-class performance, graceful aesthetics, and meticulous craftsmanship brought B&O and Ferrari together to create the collection.”  

As an official Bang and Olufsen distributor in Palm Beach, FL, we couldn’t be more excited about this new Ferrari line. B&O is typically known for its earth-toned speakers that blend into interiors, so this is a bright, new departure for them. 

Learn more about the Ferrari Line and Bang and Olufsen speakers below! 

How Bang & Olufsen Speakers Simplify Surround Sound

The Bang and Olufsen Theatre soundbar below a TV.

Build an All-in-One Wireless Speaker System 

If you ask us, a home theater isn’t a home theater without surround sound. You need multiple speakers (not just one) to create a soundscape that immerses you in the world of cinema. 

Typically, surround sound systems are built with an audio-video receiver (AVR) wired to loudspeakers and a subwoofer. But Bang & Olufsen, the Danish hi-fi audio manufacturer, has found a different approach. 

Bang & Olufsen’s Theatre soundbar offers an all-in-one surround sound experience that lets you expand wirelessly with additional speakers. Here’s how you can use Bang & Olufsen speakers to build a surround sound system over Wi-Fi in your Palm Beach, FL, home. 

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