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Customizable, Design-Oriented Audio by Bang & Olufsen

A large, geometric Bang & Olufsen sound system on the wall of a dining room.

Bang & Olufsen’s Partnership with Origin Acoustics Brings High-End Audio to Architectural Speakers  

If you’re looking for high-end audio, a Bang & Olufsen sound system should be on your radar. Bang & Olufsen doesn’t build plain black boxes like other audio manufacturers. Their speakers are designed with lifestyle in mind, as beautiful as a piece of art or wall décor. And now, their partnership with Origin Acoustics means you can enjoy B&O quality installed seamlessly within your walls and ceilings. 

The partnership also means as Origin Acoustic dealers, First Priority Audio can offer Bang & Olufsen speakers to our clients in Lighthouse Point, FL and the greater area. 

If you’re considering a new sound system for your Florida home, read on to discover Bang & Olufsen’s customizable and design-oriented speakers. 

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Highest-Quality Audio Since 1925

Bang & Olufsen has been at the forefront of home audio since 1925. The Danish audio manufacturer built the first mass-produced radio that could be plugged into the wall, and in the century since then, it has developed cutting-edge loudspeakers with striking, minimalist designs. 

Bang & Olufsen speakers can only be found at their stores and through certified dealers—which now includes First Priority Audio. Their recent partnership with Origin Acoustics means our AV company in South Florida can provide B&O audio to our luxury clients. 

Customizable Audio 

Unique to Bang & Olufsen are their customizable audio options. Whether you want speakers to match your favorite piece of furniture or fit seamlessly into your home theater, we can work with you to have speakers custom-designed for your home. If you can dream it, Bang & Olufsen can create it. There are truly no limits to their bespoke audio offerings. 

Bang & Olufsen Meets Origin Acoustics 

Bang & Olufsen recently expanded its partnership with Origin Acoustics, the American audio manufacturer that specializes in architectural and outdoor speakers. 

Together, Bang & Olufsen and Origin Acoustics have been co-manufacturing and co-designing architectural speakers that merge B&O’s built-in amplifiers with Origin Acoustic’s seamless in-wall and in-ceiling design.

Origin Acoustics has been named Bang & Olufsen’s USA brand manager, and as Origin Acoustic dealers, our team at First Priority Audio now has priority access to Bang & Olufsen products and orders. 

If you’re interested in Bang & Olufsen audio, we now have access to their BeoPlay headphones, BeoVision televisions, BeoSound speakers and soundbars, and BeoAmp amplifiers, and you can experience them for yourself in our South Florida showroom

Where to Find Bang & Olufsen in South Florida 

To learn more about architectural audio and a whole-home installation, visit First Priority Audio or contact us here, and we’ll answer any of your questions. We look forward to working with you! 

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