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Build a Yacht Speaker System with Bang & Olufsen

A close-up on an in-ceiling Bang & Olufsen speaker.

Why B&O Speakers Make a Great Choice for Yachts 

We often write about the benefits of whole-home audio and high-end audio systems. But those setups are meant for living rooms, listening rooms, and in-home installations. What about on boats?

If you own a yacht, that’s your second home at sea. You likely spend hours or even days aboard the boat at a time. Do you have an easy way to listen to high-quality audio on your yacht? 

If not, we recommend our audio partner, Bang & Olufsen. The Danish audio manufacturer builds multi-zone speakers that aesthetically complement yachts and boats. Many of our Fort Lauderdale, FL, customers own boats and are interested in audio solutions. Here’s why B&O is our pick for in-cabin yacht speakers

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Seamless In-Ceiling Speakers 

Even if you own a superyacht, you don’t want to clutter the space with bulky speakers across the cabin. Bang & Olufsen’s Celestial speakers (pictured above) are installed in-ceiling behind sleek speaker grilles, available in a variety of metallic finishes. The Celestial’s audio range can be enjoyed as subtle background listening or high-performance audio for music and TV. 

With multiple Celestial speakers installed across the cabin, you’ll listen to music in every area as songs play in sync. B&O’s Beolink Multiroom feature allows you to wirelessly connect speakers to each other over Wi-Fi to play music in unison. On the Bang & Olufsen app, you’re free to select speakers and media with a quick tap on your phone. 

Sleek, Powerful Soundbar 

Want more power in your audio? B&O’s soundbar, the Beosound Stage, includes eleven drivers and a subwoofer, packing quite a punch for both music and movie audio. The Beosound Stage can work as a standalone speaker or connect to the rest of your yacht speaker system. The Beosound Stage’s modern design with clean lines and aluminum finish perfectly fits yacht interiors.  

B&O’s Smart, Streamlined Remote 

Ready to play another album or skip to the next song? B&O’s audio remote, the Beoremote Halo, is a circular, modern spectacle that can be placed on a table stand or mounted on the wall. It’s portable with an intuitive touch screen that can also control your yacht’s lights, window shades, HVAC, and more. So if you don’t feel like fumbling through an app interface, the Beoremote Halo makes it easy to control your yacht’s technology

Ready for high-end audio aboard your yacht? If you’d like to hear Bang & Olufsen audio for yourself, visit our showroom in the Fort Lauderdale, FL, area. And to learn more, contact First Priority Audio here! 

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