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High-End Speakers, Hidden Audio, & Dolby Atmos for Home Theaters


Find the Best Surround-Sound Setup for Your Personal Home Cinema

When most people hear ‘home theater,’ they first think of an immense wall-sized screen. Visuals are undoubtedly important, but the display is only half of the equation! For a truly cinematic experience, you need a high-fidelity surround sound system that brings realistic audio to every movie scene.

With the right speaker system, you’ll be able to appreciate why ‘Sound Mixing’ and ‘Sound Editing’ are categories for the Academy Awards. Whether you’re in the midst of a city-wide chase or depths of the jungle, you’ll hear every tiny detail alongside rumbling bass notes.

To get the most out of your Palm Beach, FL home theater setup, you won’t want to settle for internal TV speakers, a soundbar, or old computer speakers. Read on to see what the best solutions are for surround sound in a modern home theater.

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Explore High-End Speakers and Dolby Atmos

To make a home theater a true home theater, you need immersive, lifelike sound that brings viewers right into the action. We recommend high-fidelity speaker brands like Origin Acoustics, Harman, and Focal for the best audio quality. What makes a speaker “high quality”? It’s the ability to play low, mid, and high-range frequencies evenly without one overpowering the other.

A traditional surround sound system will usually include five speakers: a center speaker, front left and right, rear left and right, and a subwoofer. You can end there or add more speakers with Dolby Atmos.

And what’s Dolby Atmos? It’s an audio technology that creates a “3D surround sound” effect, achieved through upward-firing speakers. Individual sounds aren’t restricted to specific speakers and instead move like an object freely across the room. To gain the full experience, you’ll need at least two Dolby Atmos speakers and a Dolby Atmos-enabled receiver.

Keep It Minimal with Hidden Audio

If you want to focus on interior décor without five, seven, or more speakers and other equipment around the room, use hidden speakers! Origin Acoustic’s in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are finished over with a flat, discreet grille that can be painted to match your theater walls. You’ll still enjoy crystal-clear audio without the clutter.

Plus, all of your wires, media players, receivers, and more can be contained to an equipment rack in a closet, so you maintain a clean aesthetic. Your home theater installer can connect equipment to a smart controller so you can wirelessly control it all with no tech in sight.

If you’re ready for a home theater renovation or first-time installation, First Priority Audio is Palm Beach’s premier AV integrator. Contact our team here to discuss your project today!

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