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Home Theater Q&A: Do You Really Need a 4K Projector?

Close-up on Sony 4K laser projector.

These Aren’t Your School Classroom Projectors 

If you’re looking for a projector, whether that’s for a home theater installation or another room in the house, you’ve got options. HD or 4K? Lamp or laser? Not to mention the screen

Thankfully, First Priority Audio is here to help. Our AV company in Fort Lauderdale, FL, knows all about the latest projectors and developments on the market. Below, we answer commonly asked questions to shed some light on 4K and laser projectors. 

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Aren’t TVs Brighter & Clearer Than Projectors? 

In the past, it was true that most projectors couldn’t compete with the brightness and clarity of an HD TV. But that’s no longer the case. Today’s 4K and laser projectors are ultra-bright and clear, ranging from 2,000 to 10,000 lumens. For context, most lightbulbs only shine at 75-100 lumens! 

Should I Choose a Laser or Bulb Projector? 

Laser projectors didn't come on the scene until 2015. Before that, all projectors used a lightbulb to project images. Lamp projectors can still produce pretty great images, even in HD and 4K. But lamp projectors fade over time, just like regular light bulbs, and will require replacing. 

Lamp projectors also appear more dull and muted than lasers. Lamp-based projectors require a few minutes to warm up and brighten, whereas laser light sources activate to full brightness instantly.  

Brightness is crucial for projector quality because as light is projected, it’s competing with other ambient light in the room, whether that’s from a light fixture or sunlight. A laser projector creates much more vibrant colors and deeper blacks than a lamp projector can, so you’ll enjoy more visual clarity. 

Are Projectors Just for Home Theaters? 

No! When you have a 4K laser projector, it’s bright and vivid enough for everyday use in all your living spaces. 

What Are the Best Models?

Sony is our go-to projector brand, and it’s recently updated its line of 4K home theater projectors to all include lasers as their light source—including its entry-level VPL-XW5000ES. Each projector features a minimum of 2,000 lumens, some up to 10,000 lumens that can shine for 20,000 hours of optimal brightness. 

Plus, Sony’s X1 Ultimate processor, from its acclaimed BRAVIA TVs, is now part of their 4K projector design, making it one of the biggest changes ever to Sony’s projectors. The X1 Ultimate processor upscales images and reduces noise for sharper details while remastering to display more realistic textures—just like you’d see on a 4K TV. 

Do I Really Need a 4K Projector? 

If you want the best picture quality at a large scale, then yes, a 4K projector is the only way to go. If you’d like to see the difference in person, visit our showroom in South Florida! 

And to get started with your projector system installation or to learn more, contact First Priority Audio here! 

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