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High-End Audio for the Big Game: Surround Sound & Multi-Room Speakers


Is It Time to Upgrade Your Audio System? 

Sadly, it wasn’t possible to attend NFL games this yearbut you can bring the thrill ofHard Rock Stadium to your Florida home with an upgraded entertainment system. While high-resolution visuals are  crucial,  you can’t overlook the importance of sound. High-end audio brings you right into the game, immersing you in the music, commentary, whistles, and shouting players. 

If you’d like to explore new audio options for your Hypoluxo, FL, home, read on below. With new multi-room audio  and surround sound, you wouldn’t want to view the game anywhere else. 

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Surround Sound in Main Viewing Room 

Whether you’re catching the big game in your living room, media room, or home theater, a surround sound system transforms how you enjoy sports at home. You may think skipping surround sound and using a soundbar or (heaven forbid) internal TV speakers will get the job done. But nothing compares to the immersion and rich detail of a 5.1 surround sound system. 

You’ll need at least two front speakers, a center channel speaker, two ear-level speakers, and a subwoofer for the full experienceBut remember, surround sound requires careful attention when assembling.

Front speakers should stand at ear height on either side of the TV, pointing inward towards seating at a 45-degree angle. The center channel speaker should be placed above or below your TV or projector screen. Subwoofer’s rumbling bass notes sound best against a wall—but leave a little bit of space to avoid distortion. 

Spread TV Audio Throughout the House 

Everyone’s watching the big game in the den or home theater. But what if you want to grab more drinks in the kitchenor play pool out of earshot of the TV? A multi-room audio system can broadcast your TV’s sound through speakers across the property.So,as your family mingles about the house, they can still hear the action, the half-time show, or funny commercials. 

If you’re worried about finding a good location for whole-house speakers, consider in-wall or in-ceiling audio. Architectural speakers by brands like Origin Acoustics or Focal are installed within the walls for a minimalistic, tidy appearance. Imagine syncing multi-roomsound to your Spotify playlists or podcasts, bringing entertainment to hallways, bedrooms, and even the bathroom

Don’t Forget Outdoor Audio

We call it multi-room audio, but you can go beyond rooms and include outdoor speakers, too. Bring the big game to your patio or pool, broadcasting your TV’s sound across the yard. Weatherproof speakers by Coastal Source are built to endure all heat, cold, rain, and wind, so they can remain outdoors for every sports season. 

You can easily connect and control your outdoor, indoor, and surround sound speakersthrough a system like Control4Use your Control4 Neeo remote, smartphone app, or wall panel to group speakers and choose the TV as the audio source. 

Join Us January 28th for a Facebook Live Event 

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