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Sound System Spotlight: B&O’s Beolab 8 Speaker

The Beolab 8 speaker by Bang & Olufsen

The All-in-One Stereo, Surround Sound & Standalone Speaker  

Bang & Olufsen have long been connoisseurs of stereo, standalone, and surround sound speakers. But in their latest speaker, the Beolab 8, B&O dares to merge all three applications into one.  

Released in October 2023, the Beolab 8 is a three-in-one speaker that can be used in home theaters, stereo setups, or standalone listening environments. The Beolab 8 may be mounted on the wall or can stand proudly on the floor or bookshelf. The 11 by 6.5-inch speaker weighs nine pounds and is available in various colors and finishes, making it incredibly versatile for any area of the home. 

Here’s what makes the Beolab 8 a unique addition to your B&O sound system in Fort Lauderdale, FL. 

Just In: Limited Edition Ferrari & Bang and Olufsen Speakers

The Ferrari Collection of red Bang and Olufsen speakers.

Red Hot Audio by Two Iconic European Brands 

Just like a Ferrari turns heads on the road, these B&O speakers are meant for the spotlight. 

Bang and Olufsen, the Danish high-end audio manufacturer, has launched a collection of Ferrari-red loudspeakers in partnership with the iconic Italian car manufacturer. Focal may have Bentley and Klipsch partnered with McLaren, but Bang and Olufsen speakers are now official partners with Ferrari. And the partnership goes both ways—the B&O logo will be featured on Scuderia Ferrari cars for the 2023 racing season.  

The Ferrari Collection reimagines four of B&O’s audio products in bright red with the unmistakable Ferrari logo. Of the collaboration, Bang and Olufsen’s CEO Kristian Teär shared, “The combination of best-in-class performance, graceful aesthetics, and meticulous craftsmanship brought B&O and Ferrari together to create the collection.”  

As an official Bang and Olufsen distributor in Palm Beach, FL, we couldn’t be more excited about this new Ferrari line. B&O is typically known for its earth-toned speakers that blend into interiors, so this is a bright, new departure for them. 

Learn more about the Ferrari Line and Bang and Olufsen speakers below! 

Multi-Room Audio Case Study: Building a B&O Sound System

A B&O sound system in a Florida condo.

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Spreading Sound with B&O 

The client lived in an open-concept condo and wanted music to flow through the entire space. We knew he would need more than just a soundbar for such a wide area, so we recommended three speakers for the living room and kitchen space: the Beosound Theatre, Beolab 28, and Beolab 50 speakers.  

The Beosound Theatre is an elegant and powerful soundbar that includes a whopping twelve drivers to direct audio above, below, and to the side of the TV screen. We installed two Beolab 28 floor-standing speakers for the left/right audio channels in a surround sound system. The Beolab 28 are tall, slim speakers that provide studio-quality sound. 

Across the living room space, we put in B&O’s magnum opus, the Beolab 50 floor-standing speaker. The Beolab 50, in combination with the 28 and Theatre, fills the entire space with powerful but evenly balanced audio. The customer was so pleased with B&O’s sound performance that we added the Beosound Stage soundbar to the bedroom, too. 

A Simplified Setup 

Bang & Olufsen speakers wirelessly communicate with each other, so we didn’t need to install an amplifier or speaker wires. We simply mounted the speakers and connected them to the home network, and voilà! A multi-room sound system was ready to enjoy. 

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B&O Floor-Standing Speakers: Which Should I Choose?

The B&O Beolab 90 floor-standing speakers.

Comparing Bang & Olufsen’s Top-Tier Speakers  

Most "high-end audio" speakers are wired, meaning they must be physically connected to an amplifier or receiver. But if you’re unable (or unwilling) to run speaker wire across the room, there’s a brand you must know: Bang & Olufsen

B&O is known for manufacturing wireless speakers with breathtaking sound quality and exquisite craftsmanship. In this blog, we'll explore three remarkable floor-standing models from B&O's collection: the BeoLab 28, BeoLab 50, and BeoLab 90. 

All three of these speakers make a great choice for home theaters or listening rooms. But which should you choose? We compare all three B&O speakers below to help you make the right choice for your Lighthouse Point, FL, home. 

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