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Surround Sound: All You Need to Know for Football Season

Two black surround sound speakers installed below a large flatscreen TV.

Build a Booming Sound System That Takes You into the Stands

Football season is just around the corner, and if you want to make the most of each game this year, have you considered upgrading to a surround sound system

Whether you watch in a home theater, media room, or living room, a surround sound setup will immerse you in games as if you’re part of the action. So how can you get started with surround sound? 

Some homeowners think they use standard speakers and plug them in around the room. Or maybe they can install a ‘3D’ soundbar and call it a day. Truthfully, there’s a lot more to surround sound than that. You need the right equipment, placement, and correct number of speakers to achieve true surround sound. 

Here’s how you can upgrade gameday audio in your Lighthouse Point, FL home! 

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Can I Use a Soundbar Instead? 

No, soundbars cannot replace or replicate the experience of a surround sound system. To do that, you need speakers that literally surround you. 

While a soundbar will improve your TV audio, it won’t provide the wow factor that a receiver, loudspeakers, and subwoofer create. You’ll still only hear audio at the front of the room and may need to crank the soundbar’s volume to hear details. 

How Many Speakers Do I Need? 

Most standard surround sound setups use five speakers and one subwoofer, represented by the number format 5.1. In a 5.1 system, you’ll have two left and right speakers at the front of the room with a center channel speaker below the display. You’ll also install two left and right speakers at ear level and a subwoofer a foot from the wall. Many homeowners decide to take their system up a notch with a 7.1 system that adds two loudspeakers in the rear. 

What Is Dolby Atmos? 

You may have heard the term ‘Dolby Atmos’ in audio discussions. What is it? Dolby Atmos speakers are upward-firing and typically mounted high on walls or ceilings. In Dolby Atmos speakers, each sound isn’t restricted to specific audio channels. Instead, each sound can travel freely from speaker to speaker for a realistic, dynamic experience. You’ll hear a dome of sound with audio hovering above your head, like cheers from the stands. So whether players are running across the field or the crowd is roaring, you’ll hear it as if you were really there. 

What Are the Best Speaker Brands? 

It would be a shame to install a system that, in the end, isn’t using the highest quality hardware. If you ask our team at First Priority Audio, you can trust speaker brands like Origin Acoustics, Bowers & Wilkins, Focal, and Harman for the highest quality. 

Ready for the best season ever? When you own a surround sound system, your house will become everyone’s favorite spot for game day. 

If you’re interested in a home audio installation, contact First Priority Audio to learn more today. We look forward to working with you! 

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