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4 Tips to Make Your Outdoor Audio Sound Better


Fill Your Florida Backyard with the Sound of Music 

Whether you’re hosting a party on the patio or relaxing in a hammock, all outdoor activities are better with music. But sound travels differently outdoors, and you may have noticed that your speakers don’t sound as clear and loud in the open air.

That’s why it’s crucial to use audio speakers built for the outdoors. They’re not only durable and weatherproof, but also built powerful enough to deliver audio across wide spaces. It’s entirely possible to evenly cover your yard in high-end sound—but you may need to take a few extra steps. 

Read on for our tips to improve your outdoor audio at home in Delray Beach, FL. 

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1. Add More Speakers to Fill Gaps 

Without walls for sound waves to bounce off, your speakers will lose sound frequencies in an open space. Because you aren’t enclosed in a room, audio may sound quiet, washed out, and you may miss some audio details. 

So, what do most people do? They crank their speaker to the loudest level, much to their neighbor’s annoyance and whoever’s standing near it. But there’s a better solution. If you build a network of outdoor speakers, you’ll fill in audio gaps and won’t have to crank the volume to the highest level. Multiple speakers will provide all the music you need in every area. 

2. Use Mono, Not Stereo 

In outdoor environments where speakers are spread far apart, stereo formats can hinder your audio experience. You might only hear the right audio channel by the pool and the left side by the porch, missing the other side. That won’t work! 

Instead, run a mono setup through your audio software, or switch to mono on your amplifier. This will mix left and right channels into all speakers so that you won’t miss anything. 

3. Normalize Your Audio

By ‘normalize,’ we mean compress your audio’s sound levels so that quiet parts are brought up higher. If you use iTunes, you can normalize your songs and create a separate library for outdoor playing. That way, audio details won’t be lost to the challenging outdoor environment. 

4. Use a Subwoofer 

Without walls for reflections, it’s difficult for outdoor speakers to generate low frequencies and spread that sound across the lawn. So, consider adding an outdoor subwoofer, like the partial-burial model by Coastal Source. An outdoor subwoofer will supply the low bass sounds that make music so enticing. 


If you’re interested in bringing high-fidelity sound to your outdoor spaces, First Priority Audio is here to help. We install fully weatherproof outdoor sound systems with only the highest-quality equipment. Contact us here to get started today! 

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