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Up the Fun Factor in Your Backyard with Outdoor Audio


Check out these three speaker brands to make your Davie, FL, outdoor spaces more musical

With the worst of the summer sun behind us, it’s time to enjoy your home’s outdoor spaces again. And what better way to relax after a long day or add some energy to your next backyard barbecue than with an outdoor audio system? Outdoor speakers make an excellent addition to your Davie, FL, home, and today we’ll share three of our favorite outdoor speaker brands.

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Our first outdoor speaker brand is Episode. Their satellite speakers can withstand temperatures from -20 to 185° F, so hey can stay outdoors no matter what time of year. Their small size and sharp design help make it easy to blend the speakers in with your existing outdoor decor.

For a more natural look, try Episode’s rock speakers. Available in granite and sandstone finishes these devices don’t look like speakers at all, and you’ll still enjoy quality sound. You can add a new sonic dimension to your outdoor spaces today with Episode’s Terrain Landscape Kit. The kit includes four 4-inch satellite speakers, four stakes and an 8-inch subwoofer to cover your whole yard in high-fidelity audio.


The next outdoor audio manufacturer we recommend is Origin Acoustics. Their landscape bollard speakers are a solid midpoint on the spectrum of outdoor speaker quality.

Origin’s bollard speakers include separate 180° and 360° sound dispersion mode. You can use the speakers in different configurations around your yard for ideal sound coverage. Origin also includes a 6-1/2-inch subwoofer in the base of the enclosure. This part of the speaker can be placed underground for a more minimalist design.

Origin’s bollard speakers are customizable in several different styles and colors. You can choose a round or a square speaker enclosure, and you can opt for a bronze, silver or black finish.


Coastal Source’s slogan – “Defy the Elements” – reflects their dedication to creating expertly craft outdoor A/V gear. These speakers will last a lifetime and make your yard more beautiful.

Coastal Source designs and builds all their speakers in-house. This process gives Coastal Source products an unmatched level of quality. Their speakers are fully sealed against the weather, giving them unprecedented durability.

Better still, Coastal Source has made installing their speakers as simple as possible. All their products use the company’s patented Coastal Connector. This simple system creates an airtight connection by plugging the cable connectors together and twisting the point where the ends meet. Connection failures are a leading cause of system glitches with outdoor audio, and the Coastal Connector helps keep your system stable. And because all Coastal Source products use the Coastal Connector, changing out a busted fixture or making any upgrades is a breeze.


If you want to make your home’s outdoor spaces more comfortable and relaxing, outdoor audio is the way to go. To get started, call us today at (954) 650-3074 or contact us online. You can also leave a message in the chat box at the bottom of your browser.

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