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Why the Best Home Surveillance Cameras Use AI

A Luma bullet surveillance camera mounted on the eaves of a brick house with plants.

The Power of AI in Home Surveillance Systems 

Originally, home surveillance cameras could help with crimes committed in the past, but could do very little for anything happening in the present moment. If a crime occurred on your property, you could use the footage afterward to identify the criminal and provide evidence to your insurance company. But as for preventing or stopping crime in the moment? Video surveillance could do very little. 

That is, until now. Using artificial intelligence technology, modern cameras like Luma can recognize specific activities and notify your system when it spots something unusual. It won’t bother you constantly like a motion sensor would. Instead, it understands the difference between normal and suspicious activity and can differentiate objects, animals, and people. 

Here’s how AI and video surveillance work together to protect your Parkland, FL, home. 

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Intelligent Recognition 

Luma’s home surveillance cameras use AI technology to recognize humans and vehicles, plus AI-filtered customizable events. AI helps reduce false notifications, making your home security system overall more effective. Here are two types of AI detection Luma cameras offer. 

Vehicle Detection

Luma’s AI software automatically detects motor vehicles and can record a snapshot of the car for instant notifications. Luma’s cameras can even trigger automated events when it spots a car, like lights turning on lights. The system also recognizes non-motor vehicles like bikes or scooters on your driveway. 

Human Detection

Luma’s smart cameras recognize individual people and can notify your phone if it spots someone on your property. It won’t bother you if there’s a squirrel on the lawn or a flag blowing in the wind, but will alert you that a delivery person dropped off a package or a neighbor stopped by while you were away. 

Search & View Made Easy 

If you’re looking for a specific person, vehicle, or event in your surveillance footage, Luma makes it easy. You can filter and search AI events through a list of detected activities accompanied by a thumbnail. That way, you don’t have to skim through hours and hours of footage to find what you’re looking for! 

And if you want to save or share footage? You can quickly save clips or send them to someone on the Luma View app. 

Keeping Privacy Safe

Security needs to come from within the system, too, and it does with Luma. You’re in complete control of your information and privacy settings, and only you can view video feeds. You’ll choose who you give access to for troubleshooting. Luma cameras never have the microphone enabled automatically, and can be turned on through the Luma View portal—or disabled entirely.  

Control System Integration

If you already use a smart home system like Control4, Luma makes it easy to combine the two platforms. Luma’s AI cameras integrate with your home automation system, where you can access applications like PTZ controls, live thumbnails, and camera settings. 

Interested in AI Cameras in South Florida? 

First Priority Audio is your local Luma dealer! We design, program, and install home surveillance systems in Parkland, Florida, and beyond to ensure your entire property is protected. 

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