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Why the Best Home Surveillance Cameras Use AI

A Luma bullet surveillance camera mounted on the eaves of a brick house with plants.

The Power of AI in Home Surveillance Systems 

Originally, home surveillance cameras could help with crimes committed in the past, but could do very little for anything happening in the present moment. If a crime occurred on your property, you could use the footage afterward to identify the criminal and provide evidence to your insurance company. But as for preventing or stopping crime in the moment? Video surveillance could do very little. 

That is, until now. Using artificial intelligence technology, modern cameras like Luma can recognize specific activities and notify your system when it spots something unusual. It won’t bother you constantly like a motion sensor would. Instead, it understands the difference between normal and suspicious activity and can differentiate objects, animals, and people. 

Here’s how AI and video surveillance work together to protect your Parkland, FL, home. 

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