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Equestrian Access Control: Manage Who Comes & Goes from the Property


Security Options for Horse Stables and Training Facilities

Equestrian properties see many people arriving and departing throughout the day: entering stables and storage buildings, driving in with trucks of equipment, or riding through on a horse. If you own or manage an equestrian estate, you know how valuable the horses are to your livelihood and business. It would be a tragedy if anything were to happen to them.

Luckily, an access control system can alleviate your fears of trespassers or unwanted visitors. As a technology integrator, we’ve installed security and access control technology at an equestrian center in Wellington, FL. With the latest technology, they’ll now guarantee only permitted people can enter the facility.

Could your land be better protected by an access control system? Learn how it works and explore your options below!

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Access Control at Walking and Riding Height

When you’re approaching the grounds, that’s an opportune moment to enter a pin code or tap a key card to open the gates. But what if you’re up high on a horse?

We’ve found a work-around for this puzzling situation. We install dual-pedal stands—one keypad at standing level, and another higher up for riding height. That way, whether you’re in a car, on foot, or on a horse, you can reach the access control keypad to enter the property. Adding a video doorstation also gives you the option to alert anyone with access to the control system to grant you access. 

Pin Codes, Keypads, and Biometrics

The entrance isn’t the only area that will need protection. We can add access control to stables, storage rooms, and any other buildings. There are many access control methods to choose from. Would you rather members and staff use pin codes or tap a keypad? More advanced biometric options, like fingerprint scanners, add another level of security to private areas.

Smart locks on all buildings’ doors will ensure doors lock automatically or at the tap of a button from your phone or tablet. You’ll swiftly check your security system to see which doors are locked or unlocked and close up the property at the end of the day.

Easily Transfer & Suspend Access

After our work at the Wellington facility, the owners decided to sell the property. So, what happened to the access control system? With the same equipment, we were able to quickly suspend old pin codes and create new credentials. No visits to the locksmith necessary! The new owners were not locked out and the compound stayed protected.

Control It All from One System

It takes a lot of energy to run an equestrian center. Your access control system should make life easier and relieve more tasks from the day. All your access stations can be wired to connect to the same smart system, like Control4, where you’ll remotely manage codes, locks, and check all your systems at-a-glance. If anything goes wrong, you’ll receive a notification right to your mobile device. And First Priority Audio is here to assist with any technical challenges you may face.

Are you ready to protect your estate with access control? Contact First Priority Audio here to get started on your new system. We look forward to hearing from you!

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