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Modernize Your Equestrian Ranch with a Network Installer

A network rack station outside at an equestrian facility in Florida.

Bring Convenience & Safety to Your Equestrian Estate 

How can an equestrian facility bring surveillance, smart lighting, and Wi-Fi to acres of land when there are no outlets, no electricity, and weak cell signals out in the fields? With careful planning and an installation by an experienced network installer, you can keep your equestrian ranch connected where it matters most. 

Long-running horse ranches may think they don’t need an internet connection on the land. But when you realize all the advantages it can bring to your property, you may reconsider.

Here’s how the First Priority Audio team has helped modernize Wellington, FL, horse ranches to improve horse and rider safety while streamlining communications and operations.  

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Connecting the Ranch to the Network 

It’s not easy, but it can be done! In previous equestrian projects, we’ve installed thousands of feet of fiber cabling to connect every area to the internet network and smart control system. 

To connect areas far from the stables, we’ve installed waterproof stations that contain equipment racks and outdoor wireless access points to rebroadcast Wi-Fi signals. Wiring is installed underground with extreme care to navigate around irrigation systems. We use only the most durable hardware that’s built to withstand any Florida storm and are careful to install equipment where horses can’t trip. 

Improving Security for Horses & Humans 

With more connectivity brings more peace of mind, as network-connected surveillance cameras provide real-time horse monitoring to your staff. Even if you’re far away from the ranch, you can monitor the horses’ health and safety through a cloud-based security system. 

Because most riders don’t carry phones while with the horses, it’s safer for staff to have surveillance cameras in place, just in case anyone gets hurt. After dark, infrared cameras provide insight into nighttime activity so that you can see even in the pitch dark. 

For extra visibility, consider implementing landscape lights that turn on automatically after sundown. When your landscape lights are integrated into the same control system, you can activate lights remotely through a phone or tablet. 

Gatekeeping with Access Control 

Do you have a handle on who’s entering and leaving your equestrian facility? With valuable horses and equipment on site, it’s worth it to ensure only authorized people can drive (or ride) in. 

Your network installer can also implement an access control system that requires a key card, pin code, or biometric identification to grant entry. And for equestrian properties, we’ve installed dual-pedal access stations with readers at two heights—one for cars and one for horse riders. Once permission is granted, gates open, letting the staff member or visitor inside. 

Through your integrated control system, you can easily customize permissions for each user. If anything goes wrong or missing, you can check the access control log to see who was last on the property. 

Simplifying Communication & Management 

Are people frequently scheduling trainings, competitions, and booking certain areas throughout the week? You can make scheduling more transparent with a “room booking” system that will display schedules on control panels and wall-mounted tablets. People can check the schedules as they update live and can make changes there or remotely. And when it’s hardwired to the network, you don’t have to worry about connecting to power or Wi-Fi. 

Need Help from a Network Installer? 

First Priority Audio in South Florida specializes in residential and commercial network installations and has experience servicing equestrian facilities. Contact us here to get started today! 

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