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How Our Network Cabling Services Brought Technology to the Stables

A TV displaying outdoor equestrian areas for monitoring.

Strong Connections Enhance Experience and Safety At Florida Equestrian Estates

Like many modern businesses, equestrian centers also require increased technology presence for more efficient operations management. In addition, technology can enhance the rider experience and protect the safety of visitors and animals. 

The First Priority Audio team was excited to lead the retrofitting of a residence and equestrian facility near Southwest Ranches, FL, to add helpful technology features such as surveillance cameras, outdoor TVs, internet connections, and access controls to the property. Our expertise in network cabling services was essential for the project's success. 

Continue reading to learn more about this unique project and how we could help modernize your home and business networks.

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Opportunity to Improve Safety and Security

With 16 acres to oversee, the estate's management was concerned about a lack of security to protect their valuable horses. Additionally, keeping an eye on things while managing other aspects of the business was also proving to be a challenge. They recognized an opportunity to add technology into the equation for more streamlined management and improved security.

Because most riders don't bring a phone when riding, it was necessary to add surveillance cameras with live feeds to outdoor TVs for managers to oversee rider safety. Cameras also allowed staff to monitor the safety of the horses in the stables, ensuring they had plenty of food and water throughout the day. 

But what about nighttime? We recommended IR camera technology with infrared illuminators to help keep a watchful eye at night, as the outdoors can be very dark without the help of street lamps or another landscape lighting.  

Connecting the Network

We needed to install a new fiber network throughout the property because there were no nearby cell phone towers and weak Wi-Fi signals outdoors. The large installation project presented many challenges for the team. Some of them included how we should approach weatherproofing for the outdoor installation and where to bury lines to eliminate the chance a horse could trip and fall.

Ultimately, we installed over 4,500 feet of fiber cabling with rack stations placed intermittently throughout the property. In addition, we installed outdoor wireless access points throughout the stables and substations to provide maximum connectivity throughout the property. 

Selecting durable technology for weatherproofing and withstanding Florida's most harsh conditions, we worked with extreme care while recessing the cabling to navigate around existing underground irrigation systems. 

Controlling Facility Access

The final step in our network and security installation was the addition of access controls at the home, stable, grooming quarters, and storage areas. Using a Control4 access control on a dual-pedal stand, we set up a flexible solution to accommodate those walking and riding a horse. In addition, we installed controls to assist truck and trailer entrance into facilities. 

The equestrian estate technology installation was an extensive project for our team but, in the end, a successful installation. The equestrian estate managers can now oversee the safety and security of riders and visitors thanks to our team's ingenuity, skill, and care.

If you're interested in learning more about First Priority Audio networking cabling services in the Southwest Ranches, FL area, please contact us! We look forward to assisting you.

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