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Live Well in the New Year with 4 Home Automation Updates

Hand holding the Control4 Halo remote with a touch screen and hard buttons.

Upgrade Your Smart Home for a Fresh, New Start 

Home improvement is a popular new year’s resolution. Is it on your list? While some people want to repaint their bedrooms, and others want to install a pool, you could use this chance to improve your home’s technologies.  

If you have a Control4 smart home, and your devices and systems are years outdated, why not treat yourself to home automation updates this new year? 

Whether you’re still running on the old operating system or your smart lighting could use an extra spark, get inspired by our home automation ideas below. In 2023, you’ll live more simply and beautifully, creating your own luxury oasis in Fort Lauderdale, FL. 

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1. Upgrade to Control4’s OS 3.3.0 

If you’re still running your Control4 smart home on the old OS 2 or the original OS 3 system, you’re missing out. Control4’s OS 3.3.0 offers exciting new features, like the native color selector wheel that allows you to slide and select any color for your smart LED lights on the app. OS 3.3.0 also supports Apple Watch and offers faster connection speeds on the Control4 app. Homeowners new to OS 3 entirely will enjoy the sleek new interface that flows seamlessly through room pages. 

2. Replace Your Old Remotes 

Simplify your smart home controls this year with the new Halo remote. For the first time, Control4’s new Halo remotes now include lighting control features. The Halo remotes provide an all-new look with backlit buttons and customizable text buttons. Its push-to-talk feature sends voice commands to your favorite voice assistant. And you can readily access saved automations and customized scenes with a tap on the Halo remote. 

3. Switch to High-End Smart Lighting 

Imagine 16 million colors, dimming to 1 percent brightness, and linear lights that add striking beauty under cabinets, stairways, and alcoves. Ketra’s smart lighting fixtures are in a league of their own, and if you want to bring new beauty to your South Florida home, consider swapping your old light fixtures for the magic of Ketra. 

4. Protect Your Home with Video Analytics 

How smart are your home surveillance cameras? Feel safer in the new year with AI-powered cameras that recognize people, vehicles, and objects. Your security system will only notify you about unusual or unique behavior—and won’t ping your mobile devices to report on the dog playing in the yard. With smarter surveillance cameras, you’ll reduce false alarms, making your home security more reliable and useful.  

All Controlled by Control4 

A Control4 smart home system consolidates your home technologies into one easy-to-use platform. Are you ready to make the most of your home lighting, AV, security, and more with Control4? 

Contact First Priority Audio to learn more about our home automation services and how we can help your smart home thrive. We look forward to working with you soon! 

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