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Different Types of Outdoor TVs: Which Is Best for Your Home?


Trade Your Living Room for the Outdoors with a Weatherproof Television

Many of us like to unwind with a TV show or movie at the end of the day. But living in beautiful Palm Beach, Florida, why should we stay cooped up indoors when it’s warm and pleasant outside?

You don’t need to choose between TV time and fresh air any longer. That’s because brands like Séura manufacture completely weatherproof screens that can stay mounted outdoors all year long. And the video quality won’t suffer either. Séura’s outdoor TVs are in 4K HD definition!

However, not every weatherproof display is the same, and the conditions of your yard or patio will determine which model you should choose. Read on to see which option is best for your outdoor TV installation.

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Full-Sunlight TVs

If you’ve ever looked at your phone at the beach, you know that screens and sunlight usually don’t mix. That is—sunlight and dim screens don’t work well. Full-sun outdoor TVs are built bright enough to be seen clearly, even if you’re standing in the middle of a sunny yard. Think of displays at sports arenas. Your outdoor screen will look just as bright and clear as the big screens at Hard Rock Stadium.

How do you know if the outdoor TV you’re buying is bright enough to be seen in the sun? Brightness is measured in nits, and a full-sun TV should be around 2,000 nits bright. For context, most indoor televisions only shine at 450 to 550 nits. That’s nearly four times brighter!

Partial-Sun TVs

Partial-sun TVs are best installed in areas that experience only ambient sunlight and not direct UV rays. It’s still an ultra-bright screen but would be better suited to a patio, deck, or covered porch. Partial-sun screens will automatically adjust for both daytime and nighttime use, too, so it’s not too dim during the day or too bright at night.

This display is ideal if you know it won’t be mounted in direct sunlight. The lower price tag makes it worth choosing a partial sun TV over the full sunlight option if it’s not necessary.

Full-Shade TVs

Are you planning to mount your outdoor TV in an entirely shaded or covered location? Choose an outdoor screen built for full-shade environments. Séura’s Shade Series 2 is still brighter than indoor TVs at 700s nits but is intended for more low-light settings.

If you’re interested in outdoor entertainment, make sure you trust only a fully weatherproof TV installation. Séura’s TVs are built to endure extreme temperatures and weather, from heat and humidity to rainstorms.

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