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The Best Outdoor Speakers for the Porch, Patio, and Entire Lawn


Enjoy a Long-Lasting Weatherproof Speaker System You Can Trust

All outdoor activities are just a little more enjoyable with music. Whether you’re grilling, working out, or sunbathing with a book, your favorite tunes always enhance the moment.

But it can be a hassle to bring your portable speaker outside every time you step through the door. Connecting over Bluetooth only seems to work half the time, and if you walk to another end of the yard, you probably won’t be able to hear music from a small, single device.

If that sounds like your current outdoor music setup, you could benefit from an outdoor sound system. Brands like Origin Acoustics and Coastal Source build durable weatherproof speakers that we install for year-round use in Parkland, FL. Whether you’re looking for audio on the patio, porch, or across the backyard, there’s a solution for you. We highlight which models will do best in each area below.

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On the Porch

If you only need to bring tunes to the porch, we recommend either mounting weatherproof speakers on exterior walls or wiring bollard floor-standing loudspeakers. Brands like Coastal Source and Origin Acoustics manufacture the highest-quality outdoor speakers that can endure all weather all year long.

There are other outdoor brands out there, but they aren’t made with the same quality materials that can deliver clear, robust tunes like Coastal Source and Origin Acoustics. Origin’s Seasons Outdoor series may be mounted against the side of your house, which we can connect to your indoor sound system that you’ll control in seconds from your smartphone or tablet.

On the Patio

The patio may be close enough to the house to hear wall-mounted speakers, but to surround your barbecue area in music, we recommend landscape speakers that are installed in-ground. A series of small satellite speakers can be positioned among plants and flowerpots, poking out from mulch and grass to deliver crystal clear audio.

If you’re missing the rumbling bass notes from your indoor sound system, there’s no need to compromise. Partial burial subwoofers are trenched into the ground and deliver the low frequencies that make music so delightful. Subwoofers are built with a much larger driver than regular outdoor speakers, so you’ll add depth to your music and the perfect soundtrack to any patio party.

In the Yard & By the Pool

As you move further into your property, it can be hard for audio to reach far ranges. But we can extend your sound system to every corner of the lawn with a combination of burial subwoofers, satellite speakers, and three-way bollards. We’ll trench wire underground for a discreet application. If you’d like to minimize the appearance of technology in your yard, we can include inconspicuous rock speakers that blend in better than a garden gnome.

Origin Acoustic’s OS speakers can be submerged in up to three feet of water, so even if the pool splashes them, there’s no harm. You can leave your outdoor sound system installed all year long—through hurricane season and hot, humid days.


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