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Do Outdoor TVs Work in Direct Sunlight? And Other Questions


FAQs to Bring Entertainment to Your Backyard Spaces

Outdoor TVs are an excellent motivation to get out of the house and spend more time in mood-boosting fresh air. Whether you’re catching a game, watching a new movie, or playing old episodes of ‘Friends’ while barbecuing, it’s all the better under sunsets and starry skies.

We hear lots of questions about outdoor entertainment installations. For instance, can’t an indoor TV work outside if it’s under a roof? We’ll answer this question and more below so that soon, you can enjoy HD content in your Palm Beach, FL backyard.


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Can I Install A Regular TV Outside If It’s Under A Covering?

You might wonder if you really need to purchase a special TV for outdoor entertainment. Can a standard flatscreen substitute an outdoor television if it’s safe under a patio roof, awning, or inside a media lift? In short, no. There are several reasons you don’t want to do this.

First, indoor TVs cannot withstand the elements and most likely will break. At worst, a screen that isn’t weatherproof could start an electrical fire. Secondly, outdoor TVs are built with brighter displays to be seen clearer in ambient light. There will be a significant glare on your indoor TV, as it isn’t meant to be viewed outside.


Will A Waterproof TV Work Outside?

Outdoor TVs can endure rain and snow, so it’s reasonable to think that a waterproof TV would work just as well outside. We often see waterproof TVs used in bathrooms or kitchens where there is moisture in the air.

However, outdoor screens are also manufactured to perform in extreme temperatures, surviving even the hottest Florida summer days. Not only that, outdoor TVs are also sealed against pollen, dirt, and dust. A waterproof TV can’t function in extreme cold or heat and isn’t protected against the elements. So do not install a waterproof shower TV in your backyard—it will likely overheat and eventually stop performing.


Do Outdoor TVs Work in Sunlight?

Yes, outdoor TVs by manufacturers like Séura and Samsung have intentionally brighter screens that are seen clearly in sunlight. Séura’s Ultra Bright TV has 1000-nit brightness, a measure of luminance. For context, most indoor TVs display between 450-550 nits. Samsung’s Terrace outdoor TV is even brighter at 2000 nits. Outdoor screens also have a higher contrast ratio, with brighter whites and darker blacks for a cleaner image.


Do I Need A Cover for My Outdoor TV?

No, you do not need a protective cover for your outdoor screens. Séura and Samsung’s industrial-grade models are fully sealed and rust-proof with internal temperature controls. You can leave the screen installed outside all year long without covering or concealing it, just like screens at a sports complex.


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