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Monitor Your Horses’ Food & Water with an Equestrian Surveillance System


How Equestrian Facilities Use Surveillance Technology to Ensure Horses Safety & Wellness 

If you own horses or run an equestrian facility, you know how much care and attention these wonderful animals require. A large stable with many horses is a lot to manage, and you may be wondering if there’s a more convenient way to guarantee the horses are safe, fed, and have the water they need.

We’re an automation technology integrator who has worked with equestrian facilities in the Wellington, FL, area. The horse owners we’ve partnered with now use a state-of-the-art equestrian surveillance system in and around their facility with night-vision cameras and a property-wide network.

In this article, we’ll share how security and networking technology can assist in caring for your horses. 

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Cameras in Every Stall

Modern equestrian estates use stall surveillance cameras to quickly check in on a horse’s food and water buckets. You’ll want to use high-definition cameras with night vision technology to help you see in low-light settings. Night vision cameras use infrared light to illuminate images even in very dark areas. Built-in video analytics can alert your security system if specific actions occur—like an unfamiliar face entering the stable or a stall door opening.  

Display on Screen

The footage from your stable’s stalls can be displayed in real-time on weatherproof TVs inside the building and the exterior walls. As grooms walk around the property, they’ll be able to glance at the screen and catch if Sally’s water looks low.

Check Footage from Anywhere

You don’t have to be anywhere near the stable to see camera footage—or on the property at all, for that matter! With remote monitoring on your phone or tablet, you’re free to check on video feeds from anywhere in the world. You’re always a moment away from checking in on your stable, toggling between different cameras, and checking on each horse.

Create Unique User Permissions

If you own the equestrian facility, you’ll have access to the entire property’s camera system. But we can help you set user permissions so that those who work in the stalls only have access to stall cameras. The footage is stored and accessed through the same network, but we can split authorizations, so individual users only see appropriate cameras. 

Wi-Fi Across Estate

If your property has weak or little cell signal, you’ll rely on a wireless network for grooms, instructors, and riders to communicate with each other. An automation installer can trench networking wires underground and build wireless access point stations so your entire property stays connected. Check video feeds, then send a call to a groom, letting them know a horse’s bucket was kicked over or is low on water.

Control It All Through One System

With an automation system, your security devices will react to each other like dominos, automatically protecting the property. Let’s say a horse gets out of its stall. When a motion sensor notices activity past a certain hour, it will trigger outdoor lights to turn on and immediately send a push notification to staff. The team will swiftly locate the horse and bring him home.

Horse facilities require specific security and networking solutions, and our team is equipped to design and install a system that works for you. If you’re interested in an equestrian surveillance system, contact First Priority Audio here to learn more today.

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