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How Smart Lighting Can Benefit Equestrian Facilities


Automate & Control Lighting Across Every Acre

How do you control and automate lighting across several acres of land and multiple buildings? Anyone who manages an equestrian facility knows how dark the property becomes after dusk. This can be dangerous for anyone riding in low-light conditions and may also hinder the performance of security cameras. After all, infrared can only see in black and white, and you could be missing crucial blind spots.

Equestrian properties pose unique challenges that other homes and businesses may not experience. That’s why many horse owners install custom smart lighting systems that automate lights according to their needs.

Our team at First Priority Audio has installed smart equestrian lighting, networking, and automation in horse-riding facilities across the Ocala, FL, area. Read on to see how we’ve helped equestrians add safety and convenience to their properties.

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How We Brought Automation, Security & Networking to an Equestrian Estate


Smart Technology to Help Horses & Riders Thrive 

How do you bring internet connection, surveillance cameras, outdoor TVs, and access control to a 16-acre equestrian property? With lots of learning and careful planning

First Priority Audio  is proud to have recently  retrofitted a residence and equestrian facility in Wellington, FL. We were tasked with adding technology to every corner of the fields, 20-stall stable, arena, viewing lounge, and home without disrupting the riders’ and horses’ activities. Our team spent two weeks on the project in Florida’s horse country, and we are thrilled with the results. 

Luxury home networks and smart security are our specialties, but an equestrian property was new to us. Here’s how we did it.   

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Equestrian Access Control: Manage Who Comes & Goes from the Property


Security Options for Horse Stables and Training Facilities

Equestrian properties see many people arriving and departing throughout the day: entering stables and storage buildings, driving in with trucks of equipment, or riding through on a horse. If you own or manage an equestrian estate, you know how valuable the horses are to your livelihood and business. It would be a tragedy if anything were to happen to them.

Luckily, an access control system can alleviate your fears of trespassers or unwanted visitors. As a technology integrator, we’ve installed security and access control technology at an equestrian center in Wellington, FL. With the latest technology, they’ll now guarantee only permitted people can enter the facility.

Could your land be better protected by an access control system? Learn how it works and explore your options below!

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Monitor Your Horses’ Food & Water with an Equestrian Surveillance System


How Equestrian Facilities Use Surveillance Technology to Ensure Horses Safety & Wellness 

If you own horses or run an equestrian facility, you know how much care and attention these wonderful animals require. A large stable with many horses is a lot to manage, and you may be wondering if there’s a more convenient way to guarantee the horses are safe, fed, and have the water they need.

We’re an automation technology integrator who has worked with equestrian facilities in the Wellington, FL, area. The horse owners we’ve partnered with now use a state-of-the-art equestrian surveillance system in and around their facility with night-vision cameras and a property-wide network.

In this article, we’ll share how security and networking technology can assist in caring for your horses. 

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