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Control4’s Wireless Keypads Control More Than Just Lights


Swap Your Light Switches for Smart Keypads That Can Do It All

One of our favorite things about home automation is the custom scenes we can activate anytime with a tap of a button. A ‘Dinner’ scene on your Control4 app, for instance, can automatically cue the lights to a cozy, warm setting, play your favorite evening playlist over in-wall speakers, and turn on the dining room ceiling fan.

But occasionally, it’s faster and more intuitive to quickly flip a switch on the wall than open a smartphone app. If you own a lighting control system, you can technically still use your light switches, but you won’t get all the benefits of the Control4 app.

That is, until you replace your light switches with Control4’s wireless keypads. With customized buttons and programmable settings, you can do much more than control the lights. Read on to discover the possibilities for your Wellington, FL home!

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Beyond Lighting Control

Control4’s wall keypads aren’t just for activating smart LEDs. With one press of a button, you can control:

  • Motorized shades
  • TVs
  • Multi-room speakers
  • Smart locks & garage doors
  • Fans
  • Thermostats
  • And more!

Create Customized Buttons

Control4’s wireless keypads include a button kit that lets you mix-and-match up to 37 combinations. If you’d prefer a two-button keypad in the bathroom with the choice between ‘Morning’ and ‘Night,’ you’ve got it. If you need seven buttons on the kitchen wall to select music playlists and lighting settings, consider it done!

You don’t even need to decide how many buttons you’ll include before or after an installation. At any time, we can provide custom engravings for Control4 keypads and program the LED backlights with specific colors for easy readability, even in the dark.

Set the Scene & Save Time

Ultimately, the purpose of wireless keypads is to make life more convenient. For instance, a button like ‘Away’ can simultaneously power off all the electronics in a room. Lights shut off, shades descend, fans and AC units power down, and all media stop playing.

Now, leaving the house in the morning no longer has to be a mad dash to the door. And if you forgot to use the keypad? Open your Control4 app on-the-go and press the ‘Away’ button there. All done!

Control4’s New Contemporary Line

Control4 recently unveiled its new Contemporary Lighting series, which upgrades its previous smart lighting keypads. Contemporary Lighting brings a fresh, modern redesign with flat, minimalistic buttons. The elegant backlit engravings also offer useful at-a-glance information, so you can quickly check the status on your home’s devices.

Join us on Facebook Live 9/9 to Learn More

It’s #C4Yourself month! Now through September, we’ll be hosting virtual sessions on Facebook Live to demonstrate the magic of Control4 smart home living. Don’t miss our event on September 9th, where we’ll recap everything exciting that we saw at the CEDIA Expo, including Control4’s new wireless keypads.

Plus, as part of #C4Yourself, we’re offering a free Control4 starter kit to anyone who participates in our events. All you need to do is RSVP here and attend the session to qualify. Hope to see you then!

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