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5 FAQs: Getting Started with Control4 Home Automation


Set Up Your Smart Home for Success 

So, you’re interested in home automation. Whether you already own a smart system, have a few devices, or are entirely new to home automation, you can’t do better than Control4. Control4’s ultra-sophisticated controllers sync to all your home devices, from lighting to shading, audio to security, and everything in between. 

But Control4 isn’t just something you order online and install on a Sunday afternoon. If you want the best in home automation, you need to work with a professional that understands the system inside and out. 

As a Control4 installer for the Hypoluxo, FL, area, we’ll answer five commonly asked questions about Control4 home automation to help you get started. 


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  1. Does My Whole Smart Home Need to Be Control4? 

When people ask us this, they’re often concerned that they’ll need to buy everything—lights, motorized shades, thermostats—from the Control4 brand in order to work. But Control4 isn’t a brand-exclusive system. The Control4 controller is the brains of your smart home, while Control4 video and audio switches distribute AV to different rooms in the house. But from there, you’re free to use devices and components by the brands you love. Control4 is compatible with tens of thousands of third-party devices. 

  1. Is There a Monthly Fee or One-Time Payment?

The design and installation of your Control4 smart home will be a one-time upfront payment, the cost depending on the size of your system. But to make the most of your Control4 home, we do recommend signing up for C4’s 4Sight subscription. At only $120/year, 4Sight offers remote access to your home from anywhere in the world, plus When>>Then personalization features. 

  1. Who Should I Hire to Install the System? 

Control4 certified dealers are located across the country, so find a company that’s local to your home. Even if you live in New York but have a house in Florida, work with that Florida company when you’re in Florida. If anything goes wrong with your system, you want someone local who can quickly help you (and won’t require expensive travel). 

Interview the top Control4 dealers in your area (in Hypoluxo? Meet First Priority Audio!) and find one that’s HTA certified to ensure you’re getting the best service.

  1. What About Wiring? Can I Hire an Electrician? 

Have your Control4 installer also install the wiring rather than an electrician. Why? While electricians obviously understand wiring, they aren’t necessarily experienced with wiring for home automation systems. When it comes time to install the smart system, wires may be missing, in the wrong location, not labeled, too short—the list goes on. Wiring is the most important investment you can make, and you’ll be thankful for pre-wiring that leaves open possibilities in the future. 

  1. What If There Are Updates? 

Regarding software updates, find a Control4 installer that offers remote programming. We can often make updates right from our computer, saving time and on-site maintenance costs. And by working with a local Control4 installer, we can always expand your system in the future. 

Ready for Control4 automation? Contact First Priority Audio in South Florida to get started today! 

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