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Part 1: Whole Home Automation Sets the Scene in Every Room


Learn How Smart Technologies Elevate Entertainment Throughout Your Florida Home

Set the scene for something spectacular in every room. When First Priority Audio designs and installs a Control4 whole-home automation system, you’ll enjoy complete control of every technology throughout your house. The lights, motorized shades, entertainment systems, and security obey your commands. Use a touchpad, remote, or smartphone to become the master of your domain in Palm Beach.

Want to learn the practical applications of whole-home automation? In Part 1 of this blog series, we’ll discuss how smart home technology elevates your lifestyle and improves home entertainment.

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A Better Way to Cook in the Kitchen

It’s hard to prepare and cook food when the lighting is bad. A poorly design lighting system in your kitchen also casts a pall over the entire room. Who wants to socialize in a kitchen that’s unwelcoming? Cast some light on the problem with automated, human-centric lighting. Well-positioned smart lights not only brighten a room, but they can be adjusted (hue, color, and intensity) to create the look you want in the cooking area.

In fact, the space will be so beautiful that you may need to usher people out while preparing for dinner. Lutron lighting also lets you set a scene for any occasion. For instance, you may want brighter lights to wake you up, but in the evening, you prefer warmer amber hues. Simply program the system, press a button, and everything adjusts based on your specifications.

How Everyone Should Enjoy Meals

Imagine it’s time for dinner. The delicious meal is on the table, your smart lighting is set to the perfect scene, and quiet music is playing through your whole-home sound system. It’s as good – if not better – than eating out a 5-star restaurant (minus the wait staff). With a whole-home automation system by Control4, the dining room becomes a place where your family enjoys having dinner together again.

Do you have children? Make it a fun event. Let a child choose the playlist for dinner time, as well as the lighting color. Whatever scene you want for the room, you can make it happen with your Lutron lighting and smart home automation systems. Perhaps you like inviting friends over for dinner. Set a scene, such as “dinner with friends,” and the system is ready for the main event.

Where Home Entertainment Happens

The family room: It’s the place where movie magic, TV binge-watching, and spirited group games take place. Since it’s the focal point for entertainment in your house, it should cater to your needs. An old HD TV, low-quality audio, dim lighting, and dusty old shades do nothing to elevate the fun.

Here’s where home automation really shines! By upgrading to 4K or 8K ultra-high-definition TVs with HDR, a surround-sound system, Lutron lighting, and motorized window treatments, you take home entertainment to new levels of enjoyment. Imagine watching the latest action movie on your high-resolution TV while surrounded by all the sound effects and music. You’ll feel like you’re in the film! Before the movie starts, press a pre-programmed button on your smart home tablet. As the lights fade, the motorized shades close, and your system prepares the video and audio technologies, you’ll be ready for a cinematic experience!


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