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How to Navigate & Reboot Your Control4 Halo Remote

Man sitting on a couch with the Control4 Halo remote in the foreground.

Customize Your Smart Home & Entertainment Experience with the Halo Remote 

Do we really need a remote for the Blu-ray player, another for the smart lights, and one for one for…something you can’t recall? There has to be a better way. 

And there is! Instead, you can consolidate your home technology with an all-in-one smart home remote. The Halo remote by Control4 controls everything from the lights to the AC to Netflix, simplifying how you approach every system in your home. 

Whether you’re new to Control4 or already use it in your Fort Lauderdale home, here’s how to work the Halo Control4 remote and navigate the interface. 

Meet Control4’s New Halo Smart Home Remote

Three Halo Control4 remotes with touch screens and buttons.

Better Lighting Control, Stronger Wi-Fi Connections, & More Upgrades  

While the Control4 app is ultra-intelligent and voice control is handy, sometimes the most intuitive way to control your home technologies is through a remote—especially in the living room or home theater.  

We’ve historically been huge fans of Control4’s Neeo remote, which innovatively combined hard buttons with a touch screen. But the smart home brand is ever-evolving, and Control4 has just released a new line of Halo remotes. 

What does Halo do differently? Below, we share all its new features that we’re most excited about. And to see Halo remotes in action, visit First Priority Audio’s showroom in the Lighthouse Point, FL area. 

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