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Lutron Lighting Control’s Best Accessory: Luxury Wall Keypads

Close up on Lutron’s Alisse wall keypad.

Alisse Keypads Merge Timeless Style with Smart Control  

Lutron is an industry leader in smart lighting control, with home systems that connect all your lights and shades into one interface. But Lutron doesn’t only build home lighting controllers—they also manufacture their own light fixtures, motorized shades, and smart wall keypads that transform the lighting experience. 

On our blog, we’ve written plenty about Lutron’s smart lighting and motorized shading solutions. But let’s give some attention to its impeccably designed wall keypads, like the Alisse keypad pictured above. In our opinion, one of the greatest benefits of switching to Lutron lighting control is replacing your standard on/off switches with Lutron’s exciting keypads.  

There’s lots to love about Lutron’s lighting wall control. Here’s what it can offer your Lighthouse Point, FL, home. 

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What Do Lutron’s Keypads Do? 

Unlike regular light switches and dimmers, Lutron’s smart keypads don’t merely turn on the lights but can also adjust the light color, brightness, and activate motorized shades. Your Lutron dealer will program customized light settings like “Morning” and “Dinner” that turn on specific lights set to the perfect mood lighting. 

How Do You Install Lutron Keypads? 

How we install Lutron keypads depends on the home project. If your house is finished with closed walls, installing wireless keypads like Lutron’s SeeTouch and Sunnata wireless models will make more sense. 

But if you’re building a new house or renovating, this is a great time to have data wiring installed for Lutron’s luxurious wired keypads. The timeless, aesthetically pleasing Alisse keypads use 4-conductor data wiring to communicate with the Lutron home controller. This ensures your lights and shades always respond immediately to every command. Your Lutron installer will handle all of this for you—you can just enjoy the beautiful lighting it creates! 

How Do I Customize Keypad Buttons? 

Your Lutron dealer, like our team at First Priority Audio, will program the system to customize your keypad buttons. You can then create and save new lighting scenes on your Lutron app. But if you’d like those scenes to be available on wall keypads or change the button settings, we can do that for you. 

What Styles Are Available? 

Lutron offers many keypad styles to suit any room’s interior design. The Alisse model (above) features a vintage, European aesthetic with timeless circular buttons, backlit for easy navigation at night. Looking for something more modern? Lutron’s Palladiom keypads are sleek with larger rectangular buttons, available in matte, metal, and glass. For wireless installations, the SeeTouch keypad can include up to seven buttons in many colors and finishes. Even more styles are available, so you can find the keypads perfect for your home.  

Lighting control isn’t limited to phone apps or remotes. If you’re interested in smart lighting, don’t miss out on Lutron’s eye-catching and convenient wall keypads. 

First Priority Audio is a certified Lutron dealer that serves Lighthouse Point and all of South Florida. Contact us here to get started with Lutron lighting control today! 

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