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Upgrading Your Home’s Lighting? Don’t Miss These Ketra Products


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Have you heard of Ketra? The smart lighting brand was founded in 2009 to enhance the performance and range of LED lighting. Ketra invented a new way to customize the color and temperature of lightbulbs, with controls accessible from a remote or phone app.

In 2018, Ketra was acquired by Lutron, a global leader in lighting and shading control systems. Ketra’s incredible color-changing technology combined with Lutron’s first-class controllers lets users transform the home’s atmosphere in seconds.

As a Ketra and Lutron installer based in Palm Beach, FL, we’re always excited about what’s new in the smart lighting world. Below, we share our favorite features from Ketra lighting so you can get inspired for your home.

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Tunable Lighting Retrofit

When the lighting doesn’t feel right indoors, your mood is bound to become unpleasant. After all, no one wants to be in a room that’s too dark during the day. That’s the quickest way to start feeling gloomy! And at night, if your lights are too bright and cool-tinted, you might feel on edge or uncomfortable, then unable to sleep well.

Luckily, Ketra lets you upgrade all your lights with smart tunable LEDs. You can adjust the same bulbs to look bright, dim, warm, cool, or any color of the rainbow through the Lutron controller. In addition, Lutron’s customizable keypads let you press a button on the switch like ‘Morning’ or ‘Night’ that instantly adjust your lights’ appearance.

Slim Fit Lighting

Have you ever seen a home, restaurant, or hotel that highlights the rooms and furniture with striking strips of light? How do they do it? They probably use technology like Ketra’s LSO Lightbar Slim.

The Lightbar Slim is a mere .625 inches wide and is compatible in the smallest spaces, like under cabinets and flatscreen TVs. The Lightbar Slim stylishly enhances the ambience of any space and is easily integrated into Lutron’s HomeWorks (residential) or Athena (commercial) lighting control systems. Change the color, brightness, and temperature of your LED light strips with a single tap of a button.

Recessed Architectural Lighting

For a discreet and minimal lighting approach, Ketra’s recessed lighting offers trims and shapes in any style, from round to square, white to bronze. The optics are entirely interchangeable, so you can adjust the beam angles and swap lenses for diffusion or glare reduction. And, of course, you can sync Ketra’s recessed lights into your Lutron system for ultimate control.

Upgrade Your Retro Lamps

Do you already own a magnificent chandelier or floor lamp that you love? Ketra smart bulbs can fit into most home fixtures just like any other LED but are capable of intelligent automation. Even your most vintage lamps can use a Ketra bulb, as long as it fits the socket.

Does Ketra smart lighting sound like the fix your home needs? You can discover their products in Palm Beach, Florida at First Priority Audio. We design and install lighting control solutions that are customized to your personal tastes. Contact our team here to discuss your options today!

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