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Creating Wellness Rooms and Scenes for Our Own Personal Retreats

Feeling burned out, stressed, and overwhelmed from the daily grind? You could jet off to a wellness retreat in the mountains or desert. Or you could turn your home into your own personal oasis, with rooms treated for peace and relaxation. 

We’ve discussed how you can use smart lighting and air purifiers to live a healthier lifestyle. But have you heard of wellness rooms? You can use sound systems and lighting to create a mindful atmosphere in your Hypoluxo, FL-area home. Read on to learn how wellness rooms work and what the benefits are.  

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Retreat into a Wellness Room

A wellness room could be any space—a home gym, a home library, or even a home theater that’s treated with wellness in mind. Plants and plenty of natural light can go a long way, but you can also use smart technology to add peacefulness and relaxation for whenever you need a break.

Adjust your smart lighting to a bright, cool white during the day for more energy, and at night, set it to a candlelight tone to prepare your mind for sleep. Activate a ‘Wellness Scene’ in the home theater for nature videos to play over the display and surround sound while you unravel the yoga mat or recline for a nap, setting the perfect lighting in one tap. 

Create Wellness Smart Scenes

If you have a home automation system like Control4, you can use it to uplift your mood and create a comfortable atmosphere. How? By creating a wellness ‘scene’—a combination of events that are activated at the touch of a button or automated to a schedule or trigger, like a door opening. Do-it-yourselfers can try the Composer Home Edition software to customize simple scenes (only recommended if you’re familiar with home automation programming) or your Control4 dealer can easily build scenes for you.

So, imagine pressing ‘Relax’ or ‘Yoga’ and watching your lights shift to warm mood lighting, while soft nature sounds start over your speakers and the temperature adjusts to the perfect level. Maybe a fan starts running, or sheer UV-blocking shades lower to keep the room cool while maintaining a view of the sunny sky.

Enjoy Relaxing Soundscapes

You can quickly transform your mood from stressed to mindful with multi-room audio connected to your smart system. In a tap of your phone, you’ll play relaxing acoustic tunes, nature sounds, or a meditative playlist. If you’re trying to focus during the workday, ambient sounds on the speaker system will drown out any distracting noises. Weatherproof speakers mean you can bring the wellness ‘soundscape’ into the backyard, too, all controlled from the same app.   

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