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#C4Yourself Smart Lighting Live Event: Join Us on May 21st


Catch Our Control4 Event on Facebook Live


As part of our #C4Yourself month, First Priority Audio is partnering with Control4 to present live demos and virtual tours of our showroom in May. We may be social distancing now, but we wanted to find a way to share smart technology with new and returning customers. You’re spending more time than ever at home. Why not explore home automation and Control4 to see how it can enhance your lifestyle?


On May 21st at 6:30 p.m., we’ll host a Facebook Live smart lighting event from our Control4 certified showroom. But what is smart lighting, and what can you expect to see at the live stream? Find out below!


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Control Your Lights’ Appearance in One Command

With smart LED bulbs synced to your Control4 system, you’ll be free to transform your home’s appearance and atmosphere anytime you’d like. Tunable LEDs let you adjust the bulb’s color and brightness, and even set them to schedules. In the morning, your lamps are automatically set to a blue-white daylight tint, and by evening, the lights are soft golden hues like the sunset. Indoor lighting that replicates the sun’s natural patterns regulates our circadian rhythms, so we sleep better every night. But you can also select fun rainbow colors or customize your landscape lights, all from the Control4 app.


Create Lighting Scenes and Schedules

Rather than manually fine-tune your smart lights every time the thought crosses your mind, you can save customized scenes to relive your favorite moments over and over. Create a “Dinner” scene that sets the dining room and kitchen lights to cozy, low levels, leaving certain fixtures off. A “Workout” scene might use bright, fun colors to pump you up for exercise. Or set your lights to “Away” when leaving home, turning off every bulb. This can also prompt your system to turn individual lights on and off randomly throughout the day, so it always looks like someone is home to deter intruders. Smart landscape lighting also presents a fun opportunity to decorate for holidays, using patriotic or festive colors.


Watch Smart Lighting in Action May 21st

If you’ve never witnessed the magic of smart lighting, you don’t know what you’re missing. Reading about it certainly isn’t enough!


Join us at our live Control4 Facebook event on May 21st at 6:30 p.m. Hit ‘Get Reminder’ here to be notified the day the event starts so you don’t miss it. We’ll see you there!

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