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Every Day at Home Is Brighter with Tunable Lighting


Here’s a glimpse of what your days will be like with automated lighting control installed in your Palm Beach home

We’re big believers in the power of lighting control at First Priority Audio. But sometimes when we talk about the incredible technology behind these systems and what they can do, it gets hard to picture what it will really be like in your mind. That’s why we wanted to take a different approach with today’s blog. Instead of focusing on the technology (though we will touch on that), we’re going to walk you through a typical day in your Palm Beach, FL home once you’ve installed tunable lighting.

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It all begins at sunrise. When it’s time to wake up, your lights will kick in automatically. Gradually, they’ll brighten and mimic the warm, amber colors of the dawn. The intensity of the lights will increase slowly to bring you awake at a more measured, leisurely pace. Doesn’t that sound better than having an alarm clock screech at you to jolt you awake?

You’ll walk down the hall, which will be lit with the same gentle hues as in your bedroom, to arrive at your kitchen. There, you’ll press the “Morning” button on your wall-mounted control pad. With one command, your lights will adjust to the same sunrise color scheme we’ve previously mentioned and your motorized shades will rise. The result: A soothing atmosphere as you eat your breakfast and start your day. And all you had to do was press one button on the wall.


Your lights will continue to replicate the natural change in sunlight throughout the day. After breakfast, it’s time to get some work done, so you settle in at the table for a few hours. By the time lunch arrives, your fixtures will have shifted to a brighter, cooler tone, just as the sun light is outside. Light at this wavelength stimulates your body to be more energetic and productive. You’ll be more focused and alert as you dig into your work for the day. Even on days when it rains outside, inside your lights will make the sun shine brightly.


You’ve put in a hard day’s work; now it’s time to unwind. You’ll walk over to that same control on the wall, but this time you’ll reach for the “Relax” button. Your lights will dim and shift to a soft, warm glow resembling a sunset, or whatever calming color you’ve programmed into the system. Your shades will lower, and perhaps some music will kick in, courtesy of your integrated whole-home audio system.

Once you’ve had dinner and had a few hours to enjoy your evening, it’ll be time for bed. You’ll have been primed for a good night’s sleep by your lights, which will have continued to dim and emit that comforting glow. As you drift off, you can turn the lights off with a simple voice command, or you can let the system turn itself off at whatever time you’ve previously designated.


Doesn’t that sound like such a luxurious way to live? You can bring the comfort of tunable lighting to your home by calling us today at (954) 650-3074. You can also visit our contact page or speak with a live customer service rep using the message box below.

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