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Merging Voice Control with Control4 Home Automation


Join Our Happy Hour to See Smart Home Voice Control in Action

Have you met Josh? is a relative newcomer in the voice control world, but it’s been making quite a name for itself. is the first voice assistant built specifically for smart home control, understanding complex commands, and natural speech patterns. can control your lighting, shading, audio, TVs, smart locks, and more—while protecting your privacy.

Naturally, makes an excellent partner in a Control4 smart home. If you’re interested in using voice control in your Parkland, FL home, you can learn more about partnering with Control4 below. Then join us on September 23rd for a Facebook Live happy hour where we’ll demonstrate the features of a home.

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What Does Do?

If you’re unfamiliar with, you may be wondering why someone would choose it over other popular voice assistants, like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant. But was built and manufactured exclusively for smart home use. It can do much more than tell you the weather, search the internet, or play a song. Say, “Josh, dim the lights to 30 percent and close the drapes,” then follow up with, “Play David Bowie,” and it will understand. Plus, you don’t have to use a stiff, unnatural voice when you speak to Josh. Just talk like you would to a friend!

There are several voice devices you can incorporate into your ecosystem. The Josh Micro fits in the palm of your hand and awaits your commands while mounted on the wall or perched on a tabletop surface. The Josh Nano is even smaller, a quarter-sized microphone that can hear your voice from across the room. Spread Nanos or Micros across your Florida home, and Josh will always be within earshot.

Ultimate Privacy, Guaranteed

Voice assistants are incredibly handy, but many people dislike the idea of ‘big brother’ watching them at home. Thankfully, unlike other voice assistants on the market, Josh never spies on you or sells your data to third-party marketers.

Josh does include AI learning to understand your voice habits better, but you can turn off AI learning anytime. And once you slide the device’s privacy switch off, the microphones disconnect immediately, remaining off until you turn them back on. A single tap on the Micro and Nano’s touch dial will mute the microphone too, so it won’t react to your voice until you tap it again.

Using with Control4

Whether you’re new to Control4 home automation or already own a system, your C4 dealer can integrate for an all-new smart home experience. and Control4’s partnership grants you the power of private, intuitive control over your entire home system. It won’t feel like two systems, but instead, a single network that you can effortlessly access with your voice.

For a true smart home experience, you need a smart voice assistant, and Josh is the cleverest of them all. Rather than memorize pre-programmed phrases, you can speak naturally without worrying that Josh won’t understand you. For example, even if you’ve named a room ‘family room,’ it will know that the ‘den,’ ‘living room’ and ‘TV room’ mean the same thing. Ask Josh to lower all the shades across the entire house—or tell it to lower only the shades above the kitchen sink. Josh can do it all.

Join Our Happy Hour with Control4 Dealers

See and Control4 in action at our September 23rd Facebook Live event. Grab a drink and watch our team of Control4 dealers answer your questions while demonstrating the tech in real-time.

RSVP to the event on Facebook here, and you’ll be reminded before the show starts. We’ll see you there!

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