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How Voice Control Outperforms Google Home

A man in a bathrobe speaks to his voice control device mounted on the wall. The Best Home Voice Assistant on the Market 

Do your voice assistant interactions go something like this? 

“Hey Google, play ‘Let It Be’ by The Beatles.” 

“Sorry, I didn’t get that.” 

"Hey Google, play ‘Let It Be’ by The Beatles.” 

“Now playing B.B. King on Spotify.” 

If you’re frustrated by voice control assistants—or skeptical of the data they’re collecting—then let us introduce you to Josh. is a voice control system built intentionally for home control. understands natural language better than any other AI assistant and never sells your data to third-party marketers. Unfortunately, you can’t say the same for Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa. 

While a relative newcomer in the smart home market, outperforms even the biggest names in voice control. Here’s what makes Josh the best voice assistant for your Parkland, FL, smart home.   

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Josh Gets What You’re Saying is meant for home control, so it seamlessly integrates with your home devices, from smart lights to audio speakers. Its sophisticated language processing means you don’t have to speak like a robot with Josh. Just talk in your natural voice! 

While Alexa, Siri, and Google Home can struggle to decipher even the simplest commands, Josh is programmed to understand complex requests with variations. In one sentence, you can ask to lower the lights and play You on Netflix, and it will immediately do both. You’ll feel much less frustrated than with voice assistants of the past! 

Josh Is Spatially Aware 

If you tell to lower the motorized shades or turn on the lights, it knows you're in the kitchen, and you mean here, not elsewhere. Your voice assistant is always within reach when you have Josh Nano or Micro devices installed across the house. can also understand you from across the room, so you can speak to it on the go. 

Josh Doesn’t Spy 

Have you ever been on the internet and noticed an ad for something you were just talking about last night? Unsettling, isn’t it? Unfortunately, voice assistants like Google Assistant come with a hidden price. Their devices are known for secretly collecting data and selling it to markets for advertising and other efforts. 

But only processes data on the server in your house—never on the cloud. That means it’s not shared over the internet, so what you say around Josh stays with Josh. You don’t have to worry about the big businesses knowing your habits or opinions. 

Josh Gives You Even More Privacy 

Furthermore, voice devices don’t eavesdrop on your every word—they only listen after being ‘awoken’ by the phrases “Hey Josh” and “OK, Josh.” You’re free to review chat history anytime, and if you want additional privacy, the devices include privacy switches that allow you to disable the microphone anytime. 

Josh Doesn’t Rely on Audio Speakers

Most voice assistants, like Google Home and Alexa, are only accessible via music speakers. But Josh microphones are separate devices, so if you ever want to disable Josh, you can still listen to music on your speaker system. Plus, you don’t have to pause music to speak to Josh.  

Curious about smart home control with voice? If you’d like to learn more about, visit our showroom in South Florida or contact First Priority Audio here. 

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