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The Washington Post recently published an article titled, “Needy, Overconfident Voice Assistants Are Wearing on Their Owners’ Last Nerves.” It recounts how difficult and unhelpful voice assistants can be—almost like a toddler who’s trying—and failing—to help around the house. 

“Why does Google Assistant confidently say ‘sure!’ before delivering a baffling incorrect response to a request?” the article asked. “Why is Alexa always bragging about her capabilities?”

If you’re looking for a better approach to home voice control, we’re happy to report there’s another way. Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa aren’t your only options. Meet, the voice assistant built specifically for home control. Josh understands natural language better than any other AI device and can hear your commands from far across the room. Plus, Josh always protects your privacy.

New to Learn how Josh home automation can work with your Control4 or Lutron system at home in Fort Lauderdale, FL. You’ll leverage your smart home experience with a voice assistant that actually understands what you have to say. 

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The Smallest, Most Powerful Microphone

You don’t need to plug in a smart speaker in every room. Instead, you can communicate with your Josh voice assistant via the Josh Nano, a powerful microphone that’s only slightly larger than a quarter!

Josh Nanos blend into your walls and ceilings, available in white or black finishes (and it’s paintable, too!). Place the Nano in rooms across your house, and voice control will always be in reach. The Nano knows what room you’re in, so if you say, “OK Josh, open the blinds,” it will know you’re in the living room and only adjust shades there.

The Nano also includes a handy disconnect switch so that if you ever want to disable the microphone, privacy is only seconds away. never sells your data to third-party marketers and only “listens” after hearing the wake word “OK Josh.” & Lutron Lighting Control

Do you own a Lutron smart lighting system? Bring the power of voice control to your lighting experience with Lutron’s Ready Wall Plates, which combine the elegance of Lutron’s Palladiom keypads with an architectural microphone.

The sleek buttons include any custom commands you desire, like “Natural” for natural light or “All On” to turn on the house. And the microphone can hear you from across the room! keypads work with all Lutron systems, including Caséta, RadioRA 2, HomeWorks, and Ketra. Tell Josh to adjust the lights to a golden color or ask to dim lights to 30%. Josh will understand!

Using with Control4

Whether you’re a longtime smart homeowner or are just getting started with home automation, is fully compatible with Control4 systems, too. Use Josh’s natural and contextually aware voice automation to activate all of your Control4-connected devices, from ceiling fans to multi-room music to door locks.

And Josh’s sophisticated understanding of language means it understands complex commands. For example, you can say, “OK Josh, set the kitchen to 68 degrees and dim the lights downstairs,” and it will!

You can enjoy the ultimate smart home experience by combining voice control, Lutron lighting, and all your smart home devices into one Control4 system.

Where to Find is only available for purchase through certified dealers. In South Florida, First Priority Audio is your destination for, and our very own Joel Hernandez has received the Chairman Award.

If you’re interested in home voice control and automation, contact our team here for a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to helping you! 

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