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Enhance Your Customer Experience With A Commercial Audio-Video Installation

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Using Audio & Video to Create the Perfect Atmosphere

From fine dining restaurants to state-of-the-art gyms, we help Fort Lauderdale businesses shine with the latest commercial audio video. Is it time to take your business out of the past and upgrade your AV?

Through impressive sound and visuals, you can create an experience that leaves a lasting impression on all visitors. Here are a few options available to your Florida business!


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Multi-Room Audio

Music is one of the finest ways to create a unique ambiance in your restaurant or retail space. But business owners don’t always handle their audio well, leading to new issues. For example, if there’s only one speaker for the entire space, people will crank the volume to spread the sound, causing discomfort for whoever’s near the speaker. Many people don’t know where to place speakers for ideal sound output, accidentally creating echo and excessive reverberation.

Instead, consider installing a multi-room sound system that evenly covers the building. We install in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that blend into the room while still delivering high-fidelity audio. We know how to find the optimal location for speaker performance and can advise on the room design to minimize echo.  

Outdoor Audio

Welcome customers as they walk into your business with music playing softly over outdoor audio speakers. Or entertain outdoor diners with your carefully curated playlists. We can extend your sound system outdoors with weatherproof outdoor speakers mounted on the building’s eaves or installed within the landscaping. You’ll create a ‘mood’ that entices anyone passing by or sitting outside.

4K Video Walls

Standard flatscreen TVs work in many settings, but you can dare to dream bigger with video walls. Constructed out of modular panels, video walls can be as large as you’d like and in any shape. We can even install video walls on curved surfaces! In stunning 4K, you can display realistic visuals to transport guests into your vision. We’ve seen video walls in stores, restaurant entrances, museums, galleries, and more.

Centralized Control System 

If your business has speakers, screens, smart lighting, and other smart technology, it’s no use if you need to control it all separately. You’ll have to manage several apps and remotes, leading to more to-dos and tasks to learn for new hires. Why not consolidate it all instead?

A smart system like Control4 controls all your technologies from one interface. Tap a “Morning” button, and all appropriate media and lighting will turn on for the day. You can even automate your devices to activate and turn off at specific times—with no input needed from you. With a few swipes on a screen, you can select music for speakers, choose audio zones, and adjust the volume. Then share media, whether it’s a Blu-ray movie, your video library, or a TV channel, to multiple displays in seconds.

Ready for New AV?

If you’re a business owner in the Fort Lauderdale area who could benefit from a commercial audio and video installation, look no further than First Priority Audio. We design and install technology systems customized to your needs.

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