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Project Spotlight: Bringing AV & Smart Control to an MDU Building

A luxury apartment building common area with a 4K display behind a coffee bar.

Audio & Video in Every Area, from the Rooftop to the Gym 

Deciding where to live can be an incredibly stressful and difficult process. But when renters step inside this Fort Lauderdale, FL, apartment complex, the decision will surely become a no-brainer.  

The owners of this MDU building wanted to offer their residents an all-inclusive experience with audio and video in common spaces, the rooftop, and outdoor areas. Our team at First Priority Audio completed the commercial AV installation with a seamless audio-video system across the entire property.  

If you’re developing or renovating a rental or condo property, get inspired by our recent case study and discover all that’s possible for modern MDU buildings! 

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FIPRAU NovemberBlog3 CommercialAVInstallation FortLauderdaleFL CommonArea

Multi-Room Audio 

We worked with the property owner to create a welcoming and inspiring environment with audio distributed throughout the building, from common spaces to the lobby. We installed a building-wide audio system that can be remotely controlled to adjust volume levels and choose playlists or radio stations for each audio zone. 

FIPRAU NovemberBlog3 CommercialAVInstallation FortLauderdaleFL Gym

The multi-room speakers deliver high-fidelity sound while blending discreetly into walls and ceilings. In the gym, music plays overhead to pump up workouts while offering volume and media control on a touchscreen interface. In the shared outdoor areas, outdoor speakers play music year-round through any weather.  

Outdoor & Rooftop AV 

The building includes four outdoor areas and an open rooftop terrace for its residents. On the roof, we installed 4K outdoor TVs that residents can use anytime, whether it’s game day or a movie night. 

FIPRAU NovemberBlog3 CommercialAVInstallation FortLauderdaleFL .Rooftop

Around the pool, we wired and installed eight bollard speakers that deliver powerful sound for pool party playlists. We use only the highest quality outdoor equipment to perform through rain, wind, heat, cold, and humidity. 

AV Control

The building’s AV system needed to be user-friendly, so we mounted touchscreen panels throughout common rooms, the rooftop, and the gym. We programmed special permissions and passwords so that residents can’t make unauthorized adjustments. The property manager will be able to control where and when media plays and remotely check on devices through the control system interface

FIPRAU NovemberBlog3 CommercialAVInstallation FortLauderdaleFL Control

Bringing MDU Buildings into the Future 

Now that this apartment complex is complete with high-end AV across the property, management can attract high-value tenants and ensure the residence stays attractive, modern, and relevant into the future. 

First Priority Audio is your destination if you’re looking for a residential or commercial AV installation in the Fort Lauderdale area. Contact our team here to discuss your project today! 

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