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Protect Your Fort Lauderdale Business with Commercial Outdoor Lighting

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Create a Safer Environment with Automated Outdoor Lighting 

With crime on the rise in recent years, security should be top of mind for all business owners. But even if you have an alarm system and surveillance cameras, without ample outdoor lighting and an easy way to control it, you could be creating safety and security blind spots. 

If your Fort Lauderdale, FL business needs new or updated commercial outdoor lighting, here’s how it can keep your space safe and illuminated night after night. 

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How Outdoor Lighting Improves Security 

Whether you manage a gym or office, you want staff and visitors to feel safe when exiting the building. A dark, vacant lot is a target for potential crime and things going unnoticed. Make the space feel safe for all with outdoor lights that turn on automatically at sundown. 

Furthermore, infrared surveillance cameras can capture footage after dark—but only in black and white. If you want to view surveillance feeds in clear, color video, you’ll need outdoor lighting to illuminate camera subjects. Motion sensors can trigger lights to turn on once cameras activate, so you’ll see the video in color. 

So if your security team needs to check on outdoor areas, outdoor lighting will help them see and assess the situation. Plus, LED lights use less energy than incandescent and halogen bulbs, making your lighting system more energy efficient. 

Remotely Control & Monitor Commercial Lighting 

All your fixtures should be wired to a centralized control system to make the most of outdoor and landscape lighting. That way, you can program lights to activate automatically according to a schedule. Even if you’re not on location, you can activate lights remotely and monitor which are on or off. If there’s anything wrong with your commercial outdoor lighting, your security team has a high-level overview of the system and can see what’s on or off at any moment. 

Types of Commercial Outdoor Lighting

From the parking lot to entryways, you need ample light to make customers and staff feel they and their belongings are safe. The following are examples of commercial lighting fixtures available to your business: 

  • LED floodlights are for wide areas and are mounted on rooftops, walls, parking poles, and other surfaces. 
  • Area lights are mounted on poles and illuminate wide areas too, like parking lots for clear navigation after dark. 
  • Bollard lights stand above ground and reach three to four feet for brightening pathways and entrances. 
  • Wall-mounted lights provide down-lighting and up-lighting on the surface of your building. 
  • Canopy lights offer illumination under roofs and canopies. 
  • Well lights are installed in-ground for aesthetically-pleasing landscaping.  

If your South Florida business could benefit from a new outdoor lighting system, First Priority Audio is your destination. We design, install, and program smart lighting systems that work in tandem with security and AV devices.  

Contact us here for a consultation today! 

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