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Protect Your Fort Lauderdale Business with Commercial Outdoor Lighting

A close-up of an outdoor commercial light.

Create a Safer Environment with Automated Outdoor Lighting 

With crime on the rise in recent years, security should be top of mind for all business owners. But even if you have an alarm system and surveillance cameras, without ample outdoor lighting and an easy way to control it, you could be creating safety and security blind spots. 

If your Fort Lauderdale, FL business needs new or updated commercial outdoor lighting, here’s how it can keep your space safe and illuminated night after night. 

Why Smart Lighting Control Is Perfect for Condo Common Areas

A condo building in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with palm trees surrounding it.

Create Attractive Common Areas That Homebuyers Will Love

If you manage a condominium complex, you may be wondering how you can add value to the property and entice buyers or renters. Of course, proximity to the beach helps! But to appeal to homebuyers—whether they’re downsizing or purchasing for the first time—it benefits youto have incredible amenities like smart technology. 

By technology, we don’t just mean smart thermostats and surveillance cameras. Commercial lighting control can transform the atmosphere of condo common spaces and units while saving energy too. With a professional lighting design and color-tunable lights, residents will be in awe of the rooms they can call home.

Read on to learn how partnering with a lighting designer and home technology company like First Priority Audio will enhance your Fort Lauderdale, FL property. Your condo complex may become the most in-demand in the area! 

6 Signs Your Florida Business Needs a Commercial AV Upgrade

Sony video wall displayed in a bright, modern lobby.

Elevate the Experience for Staff, Clients & Customers 

As an audio-video integrator, we work with all types of businesses in Fort Lauderdale, FL. From startups in office buildings to luxury hotels and even equestrian facilities, we help business owners elevate their property through incredible audio, video, lighting, and technology applications. 

Many business owners know they could improve their AV setup but may procrastinate or think, “It’s not that bad.” But if you’re running into technical difficulties every other day, or if you know your AV is not helping your guest experience, it may be time for an upgrade. 

Here are six signs that it’s the right time for a commercial AV installation in your Florida business. 

7 Ways to Use a Building Automation System for Your Business


Streamline & Simplify Every Day with a Smart Building System 

What is a building automation system? When you partner with a technology integrator like First Priority Audio, your building automation system can be whatever you want it to be. 

That may sound elusive, but it’s true! We design customized smart systems for business owners to sync all technology across the building (or several properties). So, whether you manage an office, restaurant, hotel, retail space, school, venue, or luxury apartment building, we can connect all technology and subsystems to the same control platform.

Not only will all your technologies and devices be condensed into one system, but you can access your building from anywhere in the world from your phone or tablet. You don’t have to be on the building Wi-Fi or within range of Bluetooth. Read on to see all you can control with your commercial automation system in Fort Lauderdale, FL. 

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