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7 Ways to Use a Building Automation System for Your Business


Streamline & Simplify Every Day with a Smart Building System 

What is a building automation system? When you partner with a technology integrator like First Priority Audio, your building automation system can be whatever you want it to be. 

That may sound elusive, but it’s true! We design customized smart systems for business owners to sync all technology across the building (or several properties). So, whether you manage an office, restaurant, hotel, retail space, school, venue, or luxury apartment building, we can connect all technology and subsystems to the same control platform.

Not only will all your technologies and devices be condensed into one system, but you can access your building from anywhere in the world from your phone or tablet. You don’t have to be on the building Wi-Fi or within range of Bluetooth. Read on to see all you can control with your commercial automation system in Fort Lauderdale, FL. 

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1. Smart Lighting 

See your business in an all-new light! Automation systems grant total control over lighting—and not just when the lights turn on but how they appear, too. For example, we can program the system to start lights bright and cool during the day, transitioning to a warm, dim appearance at night. Pair lights with motion and light sensors, or instruct lights to react to other systems, like opening gates and doors. 

2. Automated Shading 

If you have dozens or possibly hundreds of windows in your business, that’s too many shades for anyone to manually adjust! More than likely, they stay in the same position until someone wants to eliminate glare or desires some privacy. 

Why not instead use motorized shades that automatically lower when UV rays strike the window? Your rooms stay cool, and you rely less on AC. Shades also rise once the sun passes and descend again after dark. Automated shades by Lutron are whisper-quiet and available in countless fabrics and opacity levels. 

3. Comfort Controls 

Make sure everyone’s comfortable in your business with thermostats, air conditioning, heating, and fans integrated into your smart system. Mount touchscreen control panels in individual rooms so users can adjust the temperature anytime. You can program HVAC to power off after-hours or in empty rooms, helping your business save energy, too. 

4. TVs & Digital Signage 

Whether it’s a wall of TVs in a sports bar or digital signs in a museum, an automation system lets you easily distribute media to specific displays. Select the screens, choose the video or image you’d like to deploy, and make it happen—all in one system! 

5. Multi-Room Audio 

Let there be music! Or ambient noise. Or gameplay audio. Whatever your business uses multi-room audio for, you can seamlessly play sound over in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that will play in unison. Adjust the volume for the whole system or select a specific speaker. With a tap of a button, you transform your building’s atmosphere through sound. 

6. Security & Surveillance 

Smarter often means safer when security devices are incorporated into your automation system. Your team can check surveillance footage, monitor alarms, and manage access control permissions. Alerts will signal any unusual behavior, and your security staff can check live camera feeds over the smart system. 


If you’re interested in automation, we’ll work with your building contractors to create an all-in-one system that encompasses everything your business needs. 

Contact First Priority Audio here or send us a message below to learn more. We look forward to working with you! 

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