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6 Signs Your Florida Business Needs a Commercial AV Upgrade

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Elevate the Experience for Staff, Clients & Customers 

As an audio-video integrator, we work with all types of businesses in Fort Lauderdale, FL. From startups in office buildings to luxury hotels and even equestrian facilities, we help business owners elevate their property through incredible audio, video, lighting, and technology applications. 

Many business owners know they could improve their AV setup but may procrastinate or think, “It’s not that bad.” But if you’re running into technical difficulties every other day, or if you know your AV is not helping your guest experience, it may be time for an upgrade. 

Here are six signs that it’s the right time for a commercial AV installation in your Florida business. 

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1. Digital Signage Is Difficult to Update 

Is it time-consuming to change the display on your digital signage? Whether you use video signage for menus, visitor guides, directories, or to share company news, it should be simple to update imagery and text. With a cloud-based system, you can deploy new messaging over several screens at once. Wouldn’t that be handy? 

2. Audio System Sounds Uneven 

Many businesses rely on sound systems to create a welcoming environment for visitors. Consider how your audio system is performing. Is there sound only playing in one area or from a single speaker? Is it echoing, or are certain areas overpowered with music? 

We can install a multi-room sound system that syncs speakers to play the same media in unison. With more speakers installed, you can keep audio at a lower volume and ensure the sound is spread evenly. We can also implement acoustic treatments to minimize echoing and make your speakers sound clear and professional. 

3. Your AV Is Cluttered

Do you dislike the appearance of bulky speakers, cables, wires, and control boxes? Let us mask equipment with structured cabling that keeps all your hardware in an out-of-sight location like a control room or utility closet. We’ll hide wires behind displays inside in-wall boxes, and speakers can be installed within the walls and ceiling for a clean aesthetic. 

4. Tech is Outdated 

The fashion of the ‘90s and early 2000s fashion may be back in style, but decades-old AV equipment is not. If your screens are clearly outdated, clients and customers may subconsciously doubt if your business is worth trusting. 4K displays and ultra-thin video walls send the message that your company is ahead of the curve. 

5. You Want to ‘Wow’ Visitors 

Want to leave a lasting impression on anyone who passes through your lobby or visits your restaurant, store, or office? With high-fidelity audio, tunable smart lighting, unique LED fixtures, and dazzling video walls, we can craft a specific atmosphere to bring your ideas to life. 

6. Tech Is Not Synced to One System 

Imagine a system that consolidates all your audio, video, lighting, shading, HVAC, and security controls into one place. From a single interface on a smartphone app, tablet, or wall keypad, you can prepare your business for the day or close for the night instantly. We can also automate technology to activate automatically. For instance, lights will independently warm and dim once the sun sets—making AV simpler to manage for everyone. 


First Priority Audio designs and installs custom AV solutions for businesses across the Fort Lauderdale area. Is your business ready for a change? Contact us here to discuss the AV possibilities today! 

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